( I know I come off as a dramatic sometimes, but that is only because I am honestly an artist in every sense of the word. Artist are a weird dramatic bunch, and we take each of our creations, whether it be a song, a novel, a painting, a screenplay, whatever, we take them very seriously. So while some may paint me as over dramatic, I simply say I am a creator, and I care about my creations with all my heart …)

-Michelle Hardin …

Michelle Hardin is a dreamer from a town called Warrensburg in the Heart of the United States…Missouri…She is a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelors in Psychology that she hugs close to her heart every night before bed. Michelle Hardin is a thinker.  Her love and addiction to the romance genre began when she read 50 Shades of Grey on a dare. After she read that sexy little masterpiece, she immersed herself in everything Romance and became an avid reader.
For the longest month Michelle wondered if she could write a novel, if she could tell a captivating story. And one day-after her sister told her to just do it already-she decided to try it out. She started writing a story about a girl named Keira that just entered college and would eventually fall in love with the son of a mafia boss…then she scrapped it…She restarted and began a story about the tortured son of a Mafia boss that falls in love with a waitress from a small town…she scrapped that one too…finally she began Dangerous Beauty. The story started off as “the son of a Mafia boss meets girl”, then it became the son of a Mafia boss meets the Daughter of a hit-man.
And thus her passion for writing began.
Michelle spends her days writing novels and planning for the future. She enjoys creating stories that entertain, shock, and pull heart strings. Dangerous Beauty was the first chance she took at writing and she hopes with all her little heart that people enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I think your 1st blog was great. Far from dorky. I would say quite ADORABLE! I am looking forward to watching your success explode. You are so amazing.

  2. Thank God for Shades of grey or we would have missed out on a wonderful talent. I truly think this is your calling. Your are a brilliant story teller.

  3. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to write “Dangerous Beauty” part six. I love your books so much that I can’t wait until your next installment. When can we expect you to continue the series.

    • Hi! I know its been such a long time, and I am truly grateful to all who have been so patient with me. I am working on Part Six now, and am hoping to have it ready for you all soon. Just stick with me and I promise I will put my all into this one just as I did the others. I hope after reading you will feel it was worth the long wait! Thank you for checking in!!

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