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460 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Hi! No specific date until the manuscript is finished and off to the editor. But keep checking back here and on Facebook for updates. I really can’t wait to get this one out to you all! ❀

  1. Hi Michelle… Can’t wait to read DB5 and Finding Georgia… Excited for any updates that you can give us..

  2. Soooo has anyone heard anything I been gone for a minute thought I would stop through to see if there was any progress….

    • Hey honey bunches! No new news yet, just taking my time, not leaving nothing out, and letting the story speak to me. You know, hippie stuff like that. But I’m still around, writing DB 5 and stuff. The only thing I know now is that I’m writing the awesome story of the two awesomeness people, but I won’t announce anything further until it’s in the editors hand. I hope you’re having a fantastic start to the year, and its so nice to hear from you ❀ .

  3. I loveeee the dangerous beauty series. You are an amazing writer. Any tips on how I should follow my writing dreams? P.s I’m from Missouri as well

    • Hi!! So happy you enjoyed the stories. And thank you so much for the kind words. So humbling. Nice to hear from a fellow Missourian that has a love for the written arts, I suppose my advice to you would be exactly what I did READ. READ, read, and read some more, until you dream in novel talk. Then after that Just go for it. Sit down, and start writing. Release your imagination, don’t hold back just because you’re afraid it won’t be received well. Just do it. There are no tips are tricks that can help you write a good book, at least in my opinion their aren’t. There’s just you, a blank page, and your beautiful imagination. ❀

    • *smiles* me too. There are still a ton that needs to be addressed, but because they also involve other character I wanted to wait. Reanna had a story too, a background, I wanted chance to connect them. We’ll have some fun as the series moves along though. Kyle has found himself for sure. No more broken boy. He know his power now. There’s a line that a newly introduce crime boss has in Part Five. Lucca’s trying to ‘make friends ‘ with the (very dangerous) man, and he hesitates, and says “I don’t know about that,” he laughed in a tone lacking humor. “I hear the Salerno organization has more than a few wolves stalking around their organization. I’m not interested in dying…”
      Frowning, Lucca questioned, “Wolves?” Cause last he’d checked there were no wolves walking around the S.O. building.
      “Stones,” he explained himself in yet another one of those humorless laughs. “There’s a saying out there now, don’t know if you’ve heard it. Walking in the room with a Stone is the equivalent of walking into hell.”
      Lucca’s brows rose, as the man’s head nodded. Hmm…
      “Can’t be trusted. They manipulate, lie, and have a thing for mutilation that just doesn’t sit right with me …”
      But yeah. Kyle coming into his own was my favorite part. Other things that will be addressed in future stories.
      Aniyah. (not much DB5 though, a little)
      Kyle’s mom. (DB5)
      Can you think Of anything else? I’m not perfect, I can’t remember everything lols.

  4. Reannas pregnancy I would love to see how Kyle acts in the delivery room for some reason I think that would be hilarious plus we missed out on it with Sofia

    • Reanna is still preggers in the beginning of book five we’ll get a quick peak at the couple before delivery because she’s pretty far along. There are plenty of parts with all of the kids in the upcoming book! πŸ™‚ okay. No more spoilers for you lols

  5. OMG someone suggested this series to me and I’m in love love love. I love how you have both an alpha male and an alpha female. I love the connection between Nathan and Carter and the connection they have with all the other characters as well. I can’t wait to read Lucas’s story. Keep up the great work.

  6. I love, love, love your novels. Your imagination is crazy (in a good way). To come up with these characters blows my mind. I am patiently awaiting Lucca and Davina’s story. I have a feeling it’s going to be sooooo good. Other than Nathan and Carter I feel Lucca and Davina will be my next favorite couple. Take your time honey bun and write the best stories you can.

  7. I don’t know who I love more out of the five, but I will say Nathan and Lucca are working they way up top the top

  8. I think I am going to assume DB5 will come out in 2018. So I’ll go back and reacquaint myself with the series so far. There is nothing like reading the next book and scratching your head trying to remember what happened in the previous books. So D1 -4 here I come. Now where is that wine. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey girl, I adore you! I love how active you are with us lol, you’re amazing at what you do! Please don’t ever stop writing for us 😭❀️ I’ll be marking the release date or DB5 in my calendar & I will celebrate the entire day as if it’s a fucking holiday ☺️

    • Aww pet, this wait is killing me too. That precious girl, Michelle, is taking her sweet time, while you and I suffer, longing for the day I haunt your pages again. Be encouraged dear pet. I will be there soon, and when I am, perhaps you and I can have a bit of a celebration.
      –Silas Steele. .. πŸ˜‰

  10. Hey MH,
    Not looking for a release date, update or a what’s up next. Just checking to see how you are doing. Hopefully all is well and going well with you and your family.

    Big Fan Always,
    C. Johnson

    • Hey, love. I’m well now, but I wasn’t at the beginning of the year, which explains the length of this wait. I won’t bore you with detail, I’ll just say that I’m better now by the grace of God. Writing better, and more which is good πŸ™‚ . Thank you so much for checking in on me. I truly appreciate it. ❀

  11. I cannot wait for the next DB book. I want more of Kyle and Reanna but hope we get Luccas story. I am equally curious about Mickeys too. Oh and get a sense that there is one to be told about Michelle and Tamara. Bring it!!!!

  12. Any more recent news on a release date for DB 5, Dark Beauty yet? So waiting for this book, I’ve read the rest of the series and on my 3rd reading of Beautifully Broken…needing more Kyle and Reanna, I wish more on their wedding would’ve been included, but am anxious to read the next chapters in their story. I love this series.

    • Sorry to disappoint you. I’m doing my best under the circumstances I’m in. I’m not perfect, I’m just writing books. What can I say, it’ll be done when “The End” is typed. Trust me, I’m more ready for this than anyone. Have a lovely day πŸ™‚

  13. You take as much time as you need. Your work is like fine wine, you just can’t rush perfectionπŸ˜™. We do and should understand you have a life and responsibilities like everyone else. So do what you can while handling yours and taking care of you.

    • Thank you ❀ so so much. Your kindness and understanding means more than I can express. I just hope at least most feel the books were worth the wait when they come out. Thank you again! πŸ™‚

  14. Hi MH!!! Thank you for birthing and sharing these amazing characters!! I’m re-reading the series as I wait for DB5!!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ yes I want it like yesterday but Damn it, you don’t rush greatness! I’m a have a coke and a smile and have these coins in hand for the pre-order!

  15. As I count down days for DB5, a thought came to me and couldn’t wait to ask you. So here goes;

    Will Angelo get his on lady love soon? Will it be with one of the ladies in Carter’s inner circle.

  16. So excited for the forthcoming 5th installment Dark Beauty!! Love the title! While waiting I did a little fan fiction writing on your character Aniyah (‘a what if’ short story)…I see from other posts that we haven’t seen the last of her. Check it out if you can carve out a moment or two…

    • I’m honored the series inspired you to write this!! Aniyah with a child, and with Freddy Russia! Wow! You really took it there! Good story! far less vindictive then what I have going on, but I’m crazy so I’m sure you expected that. You are a talented writer, and I love that it was in first person. It was Interesting seeing the characters personalities, and actions from a mind other than my own. You turned down the crazy a notch or three. I tried to do that myself, but… nope, it didn’t work out. Especially with Mickey! I had fun watching him be so nice, lol. This was kind of what Aniyah wanted … except Ms. Clark’s story is much different in my dreams. But she did genuinely want to be in the whole familial circle of the Salerno/Stone family. She wanted to be one of them, wants a sort of power as well, influence, the lifestyle of a woman that is the object of a powerful man’s affection. She envied Carter for this reason. She snapped on Carter for this reason also. She got a taste of the good life with Kyle. It was so interesting seeing the difference in our imagination with the same characters. So thank you! No one has ever done something like this with the series before. It was lots of fun reading it. I’ll share in my next blog post so that others may see πŸ™‚ ❀

      • Yea! So glad you enjoyed it! It was indeed my pleasure (a true labor of love for the awesome characters you have brought into the universe)…I wasn’t going to write it but I talked it over with my mom and sister (yea we got a mini book club going on with your Dangerous Series) and they said I had to do this. Freddy Russia was a challenge since I had to get creative with what he looked like, his temperament, etc. but if you’re smiling I guess my crazy brain made it work. I am so glad the first person platform worked….that was a gamble. But for some reason the story just needed to be told that way. Again I am glad you enjoyed. I do have my “eye” on Mickey’s off-again on-again cook but I’ll wait for #5 before I fan-fiction pen again.

  17. Just saying hello MH. Loving your creative writing. I purchased all four books for Amazon this November. And I’ve fallen in love with every single book in this series. Continue the good work can’t wait until part 5 is release. Big shout out for the UK. I may even start my own DB book club Lol.

  18. Hi MH, Thank you for your quick response back. I’ve now recommended DB part one Destiny to a friend during lunch today LOI. And she going to check the books out on Amazon. She was excited about purchasing a copy so fingers cross. Ciao for now and take care

  19. Just reread all 4 of the DB books and just makes me want part 5 and I know it is a beautifulwork of art waiting to happen, sso i was wonderingif you could break us off with an excerpt or snip bits of every day of our favorite people? With cherries, whip cream, and chocolate witth cream cheese pieces😒

  20. Hi Michelle..Happy New Year!!! I’m just checking on you to see how you are doing.. I hope you are recovering well… Are there any updates available for you to share about any of your WIP’s? Thank you in advance for anything you can share with us

    • Yes! Still working on DB5 and two other stories (Finding Georgia, Sam & Nick) Taking some time, but I’m hoping to get them ready soon! I’ll post some teasers and more updates soon! Thanks for checking in ❀

  21. Did this with you last year don’t think I can do it again. Love your books but the wait is too long. Sorry im over look in your thread every month. I just have to let you go.

    • Hate to see you go, but I understand. If waiting for my next releases is weighing on you, I say let it go. Life’s too short. I have loyal and understanding fans that I talk to, and that will stick by me. I can’t let comments like these get to me while I’m taking my time to get my stories right. I have to continue writing for them. I wish you well, there are plenty of good authors out there.

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