It’s late on Wednesday night…

It’s late on Wednesday night, and I’m writing. I’m still nervous and excited about Saturday, but today “nervousness” is definitely overshadowing “excitement”. As they day of release nears I’m experiencing a myriad of different emotions that I will never be able to explain. But it’s still an enjoyable experience. The moment it stops being enjoyable…well, that’s when I have a problem. I put up the trailer for my debut and so far people like it. I hope this path I’ve taken in my life goes well. I really do enjoy writing, and telling stories. I can’t wait for Saturday to come. Hopefully one day I will look back on this week and be like “Man, why was I trippin…”

But yea, Idk, well see. I love ya doves. Thanks for reading about my struggle. The struggle is real this week. See ya tomorrow!!

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