It’s a Teaser!!!! HA! (A Snip of a Snippet!!)


I haven’t written a blog post in ages ….

Today, I have written one with the sole purpose to torture ….

Dangerous Beauty Four is being Written ….

By me ….

Michelle Hardin ….

Let me tease you … #ILOVEKyleValente …. You know you do …

Chapter 1

Kyle “The Charmer” Valente, age twenty-nine years old, and consigliere for the Salerno Organized Crime family … Known as “The Charmer” because he’d been known to charm any man or woman to death … sometimes literally …

But sometimes … charm wasn’t such an effective tactic, at least in Kyle’s current situation it wasn’t. And in times when mere ‘charm’ didn’t suffice, that death part really did come in handy. After all, no matter how much of a badass one claimed to be, nobody really wanted to die, did they?

“Please!” the agonizing cry of— whom Kyle preferred to call— the nameless man rang out, literally bouncing off of the four walls of the small basement where his face was pressed against the cold, stone floor. “Please, I’m begging you! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, don’t kill me …”

The answer was no … nobody wanted to die.

Releasing a long tired sigh, Kyle slipped his hands into his pockets and began a slow stroll around the devastated man, silently listening as ‘nameless man’ continuously begged for his life.

“I’ll give you anything, money, drugs. Everything I possess. I don’t wanna die, please!”

Anything? Everything he had… Men made such stupid offers when begging for their lives. What the fuck gave the man the impression that Kyle needed, or wanted anything he possessed?

Looking away from the pathetic fool dismissively, Kyle stared down at his Italian leather shoes as he continued to walk in a slow circle.

“The only thing you have that I want is the truth,” he said softly in reply to the man’s plea.

There was an attack on the Salerno crime family. Men were killed, money was stolen, and Territory was taken. Kyle wanted information, and ‘nameless man’ had information. Time was wasting, Nathan was back at S.O. and on the edge, and Kyle’s patience was wearing thin dealing with this idiot. He wanted answers … now.

When he was once again in front of the man, he ended his stroll and glanced down with narrowed eyes. “Tell me what you know.”

“I’ve already told you everything!”

“No you haven’t.” Extending his foot forward, Kyle lightly tapped the man’s head with the tip of his shoe. “Look at me, please.” The man quickly obliged, lifting his bruised and bloodied face up to Kyle. “Tell me the truth …”

The nameless man sobbed, shaking his head back and forth. “I can’t … they’ll fucking kill me …”

Frustrated, Kyle ran his hand over his face impatiently. God, this guy was an idiotic son of a bitch. “I’ll fucking kill you!”

“I didn’t want to do it, man!” he shouted, a mixture of blood and saliva oozing from his mouth. “I don’t wanna be a part of this, man. They made me. I didn’t have a choice …” Dropping his head forward, he cried softly.

Kyle rolled his eyes. It was always the sad fucking story with guys like this, and it was always a lie. He had a choice. They always had a choice. But, instead of making the right choice, this … nameless man decided that money was more important than his life. He deserved to die …

That was fun …

*Evil Smile*

Consider yourself teased … have a wonderful day all!

10 thoughts on “It’s a Teaser!!!! HA! (A Snip of a Snippet!!)

  1. Hey Miss Michelle,

    That’s soo bad of you to tease us like that. But I’ll forgive you only if you tell me that Aniyah will be Kyle’s love interest pleaase. I just loved her character and loved when Carter teased her of having a crush on Kyle lol they seem like they would make a fun couple to read about. Also I loved the fact that Aniyah is a curvy woman but still confident, its nice to see that. Even if you dont make this happen (I’ll try noy to cry) I’ll still read all your books because you are truly a talented author.

    With love from a loyal reader,

    • Hi, Binta!
      I enjoyed that scene too! I think Aniyah and Carter’s character had the cutest friendship, before their fallout.
      I can’t tell you much (I don’t wanna ruin the fun), but I will tell you that some secrets. Kyle’s love life is complicated, and there will be more than one love interest in the book for him. He struggles a little bit with figuring out what he wants, but I will say that starting out the story Aniyah does still have the title of Kyle’s girlfriend, just as she did at the end of book three. Just kind of picks up a little while from where we left off. I will Also tell you that all of Kyle’s love interests are curvy women. Though he’s entertained all types of ladies in his, before parenthood days, we find out in this story that Kyle has a preference 😉 . He likes em’ thick! Lol.I’m being silly, but yes, he enjoys the company of a curvy women. 🙂 Thank you so so much for writing me! I can’t wait for you to read the story!!!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the teaser!! It did what was intended because I want and need more Kyle! 🙂 I’m very excited to read his story and love that he likes his women to have something to hold on to. I already see that I’m emotionally involved because I’m not ready for Kyle’s love interests plural. I have a bias for him to end up with Reanna and if that happens I don’t think I can handle any other love interests getting in the way…unless to be fair, of course, you give Reanna one or two of her own while they’re figuring things out. I for one would love to see a jealous Kyle. 😉 All the more reason for the book to come out early (I had to try…lol) or for you to post another teaser soon. As always I love all of your works, especially this series, and I’m counting down the days until October.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I’m sorry to be such a downer but please tell me that Kyle doesn’t end up with Aniyah. I like her character, I do, but I don’t feel that she can handle being in the mafia. She jumped down Carter’s throat for questioning their relationship. I wonder how she would react when Kyle can’t tell her certain things. I want Kyle to be with someone that is willing to be in the life without being in the life. Also can you please tell me when the I can preorder this book on Amazon. Its killing me that I don’t know the release date yet.


  4. Kyle BELONGS with Reanna their connection leap off the pages in book 3 I also would like to see a jealous alpha Kyle women comes to him easily he needs a challenge more sneak peeks would be nice also…tbh

    • I totally agree, Kyle does need a woman that challenges him. He’s had things way too easy regarding women, I want see his feathers ruffled a bit. lols. Thanks for commenting Miss Flawless!! There will be more snippets 😉

  5. I want Kyle with Reanna. She has such a beautiful relationship with Sofie. Aniyah made a huge mistake going after Carter. Book 3 showed Aniyah to be jealous and bitter, so firing her from S.O. will not work. She will need to be killed. I can’t see her giving up Kyle without a fight. Sorry if that was too much.. I’m just too excited! !!!

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