Short message …

March 17, 2016

Short message to all who are still waiting on my next releases.

The previous release dates have come and gone, I failed to make them, apologized countless times, and have made it clear that I have learned a very important lesson in regards to making release dates before I am pleased with the book. Lesson learned, and I will never do anything to break the readers trust in me again.

Now here is what to expect from me now that we know and understand that I failed to make the deadlines I set for myself.

The issues I had while writing Kyle set me back and put me off schedule on some other stories that I wanted to do this year. This step back from online, and social media, is away for me to step away from the pressure for a second, and allow myself to fall in love with what I love to do again. I’m still getting Kyle’s book together to be released to the world, but I’m also working on getting the next story written, and also another story that will be Book two of the Love Stories Series. I’m getting back on track because I have goals for the year, and Kyle’s is not the only book that I want to release.

This is what I have decided to do. Make sure that I love all of the stories I write before I release them to you all. Same thing I did with DB 1, 2, & 3, and Loving Kyla.

Now … If some of you so choose to ‘write me off’, and no longer purchase or read the stories I publish because of this, because of the pushed releases, than I respect that. That is your decision. I’m sorry I disappointed you, sorry that this has caused you to dislike me, and very sorry to see you go. But while I respect your decision for ‘writing me off’ I ask that you not write me to let me know that you are doing so. That is not something that I need to know. I don’t know what the intention is in making such a declaration to me personally, but honestly, I don’t need an email informing me of such a decision. But I will say that you’ll be missing out on some fun stories in the future. My career is not over because of this little set back folks. I’m still only in the beginning.


I will be deleting any comments on my website that I feel are negative, mostly because, I feel like I have apologized enough, and let everyone know what’s going on. So really, unless you’re coming on here to ask me questions (which I will answer, because I love chatting with you all.), or just chat with me about books and upcoming books, don’t bother leaving any comments because negativity, rude, childish comments, and drama period will be deleted immediately. This website is a happy zone from now on.

Okay πŸ™‚ . That’s all for today folks. I adore you all, and I would love to once again thank all that have been kind, and supportive, and patient with me. I’d even like to thank those who are delightfully impatient with me. My delightfully impatient readers keep me smiling with their lol comments on my Facebook, and website. As for the more dramatic folks. I’m sorry, but I will no longer be entertaining you nor will I respond to you. I’m like done, and moving on now.

Love you all, and I’m sorry again for the wait. Talk to you all soon. I’m going back to work.

22 thoughts on “Short message …

  1. Hey Michelle we can respect that you are hard on yourself and critical…But be true to yourself you wrote four books and to be honest they are some of my favs. So take your time and hit it out of the park! Its kyle we can Waite lol.

  2. Hi Michelle
    I for one will wait for your books to drop. As for those who are getting their knickers in a twist, let them. πŸ™‚

  3. I loved the DB series sooooo much, the delay for your additional work has not swayed me! Pleasantly waiting for greatness! πŸ˜„

  4. To Michelle,
    All is forgiven, really! Definitely block, delete, remove,…. all negativity. As we live and learn, know that folks will criticize before and after- it is expected, just not appreciated when it isn’t constructive.

    To Michelle’s DB Fans,
    We got this, don’t we? In this case, great things come to those who wait. Let’s continue to send positive vibes Michelle’s way. We have something to look forward to, don’t we???!!!!!!

    To the “Dramatics”
    YES, I really enjoyed reading DB books. As a matter of fact, YES, I have read the series a few times. Of course, YES, I am anxiously awaiting DB4. Finally, YES, I wanted Kyle a loooong time ago. With all of that, I am a beta reader for a good friend and I know writing is a process, and it takes time. Even if I wasn’t a beta reader for a friend, I recognize writing is a process and being able to do it well is a gift.
    So, in the meantime if you enjoy reading just as much as a writer likes to write, find something else to read. It isn’t heard to do, go to, rate some books that you read and get some recommendations. Good Reads is pretty accurate and you will have a nice distraction in no time.

    All is well!!

  5. Sorry if my comment was deemed negative actually I will be spending the summer in Europe so I won’t have access to my iPad and have the free to read I was just hoping to get the book and read it while have the short time left. I understand you have a life which is understandable ish happens so with that said if I don’t get To read it before I leave know I am wishing you the best success on Kyles story along with the others. You are a fabulous writer with a true gift!!

    Team DramaticπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  6. I think as readers we sometimes forget that our favorite writers are also human, and sometimes life gets in the way of fulfilling the promises we make and the expectations we place upon ourselves.

    That being said, continue to work at your own pace. As a reader and blogger, I appreciate your candor. I wish there was more of this all around, but your true fans will be here to support you no matter what. And I can totally relate to trying to meet a deadline then realizing that it just won’t happen. Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes (which you’ve acknowledged), and move on. I’d rather you deliver a quality, finished product than some rushed, piece of crap just to appease a few impatient readers.

    Look forward to all that’s to come!

  7. Blessings,
    No worries, haters will hate because that’s what they do best. You know us true fans will wait forever. You do you and take care of yourself first. All else comes second. In order to continue giving us the excellent novels that you do, you have to be your best. And to do that, take time for yourself. Praying that God touches you and all will be well. This woman is a true fan for life……

  8. To be honest if you look at it from both side you can see the “negativity” started to happen when there was no book in February. I am all for taking your time but when ones hear “coming soon” or it “95 percent done” people may hear “next week” or “next two weeks”. As mention earlier this isn’t your normal style so it’s a lesson learned from all sides. I don’t think it’s was nice to label people dramatics but hey to each his own. I also don’t think anyone is a hater or not being patient because here it is March the end of it and there’s no book but ones are still excited for the book and they are praised but if ones are upset that it is so far past the due date they are label dramatic. With all that said I just want to read the book that’s all so when again will that be…

    • Hi. When it’s done, is my answer for ‘when will that be’ as of now. Dangerous Beauty four is the only book that this will ever happen with. I’ll never miss another release date, is what I was trying to relay in this short message. I didn’t label anyone ‘dramatic’ to be rude, nor did I mean it as an insult, and I apologize if I offended. I’m just done apologizing for the delay, because I’ve done it (genuinely, because I genuinely am sorry for the delay) countless times. This delay was not intentional, malicious, planned, nor did I mean to disappoint anyone. But people actually accuse me of these things. I am not a liar, and in order to understand my side of things, you would have to actually be in my shoes and be the one writing the book that the DB series readers want. And seeing as you are right, this is not my normal style, this delay would not be happening if there were not something actually wrong. This is what I wanted the readers of Dangerous Beauty to understand, just as I understand and accept that so many are disappointed in me. But I hope to make that up to everyone with a good book that you all enjoy. The book has not come out yet, because the plan has changed. It will still be my first release this year, but as I stated in the post; I’ve learned my lesson. And I have figured out a way to work, that works for me and will improve my productivity. This will be good for both the readers and myself. πŸ™‚

      • Michelle,
        Honey, honestly stop explaining yourself too people. We are all human and subject to fault, and your are no different. If people can’t understand that things happen, then that is on them. Patience is a virtue and we all need to learn that. It takes some longer than others. I learned mine while working with mentally challenged residents for 20 years. There are no perfect beings on this earth, if there were they would be with our Father already. Take your time and do what is necessary for you to continue to put out the excellent work that you do. I, for one , love your work and will continue to follow you no matter how long. I’m loyal like that……

  9. I’ll admit like everyone else I was disappointed when the book didn’t come out. Now I’m happy as hell that you are an author that gives a crap about the work that you put out. I’m hype as crap about Kyle and everything else you have coming out. Lol if you decide to release it on my birthday (June 22) that would be great or before and that would be awesome too. Best of luck Michelle! πŸ’•

  10. Oh girl bye with June 22nd we need it sooner than that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but seriously I hope it’s here before the end of April I will pull an all nighter to finished this book before I leave

  11. If this book comes out this book comes out this month I will be locking myself up in my home with pizza, chicken and a bottle of wine to get this finished before May fingers, toes and tongue crossed that we get it this month πŸ™πŸΎ

  12. Somethings got to be wrong here I am convinced… Is Michelle physically sick and that’s what’s causing the delay? Did she hate the book and scraped it so she is re-writing it? Does she not have the passion anymore to write? This is just a weird situation that’s makes me think something serious is going on and that’s fine but I come everyday checking for this book for months and I don’t understand the writing process but I do know when the math doesn’t add up and I do see in this case 2+2 is not equaling 4 so I am just asking not to be asinine but if something is wrong it’s okay and you as the author don’t owe us anything but there is something seriously amissπŸ€”!

  13. Ok Truth, get a grip. None of our business what is going on with the author. She said it will be published when it is done. Just be patient and enjoy it when it is finally here. Personally I would rather have a great book in June than a creepy book in April

  14. Hmmm let me re- read where I said it was my business oh that’s right I didn’t frankly I have move on because it’s obvious that this book is no where near done I was just concerned that nothing serious was gone on so with that said please find your πŸ’ΊπŸ’Ίbecause I don’t think I was checking for either of you. Try me not today!

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