Books I am working on now:

New books coming from me soon. The Dangerous Beauty series continued, as well as two separate works that I am very excited to release. I thank everyone who has stuck by me throughout my long absence. Thank you for your patience, and I will be releasing books again soon. Love you all.

Dangerous Beauty Part Six (Status: Partly written)

The Boss’s Daughter (Status: Nearly Done)

District Edge

As of now there is no release date on either, but I will keep you all updated. I usually disappear from the web when I get deep into my work or something happens in my family, but if you all want weekly progress updates, let me know in the comments. I am working as quickly as possible without rushing the characters. Love you all bunches!

Dangerous Beauty Part Five: Dark Beauty Is Live!! (Click the cover)



Right hand to one of the underworld’s most powerful crime bosses, Davina Delavigne is a woman conflicted. As a powerful individual of the underworld, she has done everything to make a name for herself and the place in which she comes from. DelACot. A secret society of elite assassins purposely hidden from the rest of the world.

Though always one to keep her focus on what she was taught was important, lately, she finds herself a bit … distracted. He’s tall, sinfully sexy, beautifully dangerous, and Davina doesn’t quite know what to do with the feelings she’s experiencing every time she’s in his presence.

Especially since those feelings are forbidden …

Underboss of the Salerno crime family, Lucca “Tick” Salerno is a man on a mission. When he’s not ruling his family with an iron fist, his focus is on winning the heart of a reluctant, unattainable beauty. Since the first moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted her. And, try as she might to convince him his feelings for her are one-sided, Lucca knows better. She wants him, too. No matter how long it takes, Lucca is determined to win the heart of the underworld’s Dark Beauty.


Now available!!!

Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken

Click the cover!

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Books available!

 Loving Kyla - Michelle Hardin - eBook KDP-Nook

Available now on Amazon  (Free with Kindle Unlimited)


Three covers next to each other

Dangerous Beauty Part One $0.99!


Dangerous Beauty Part Two $2.99



Dangerous Beauty Part Three $3.99



562 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. As frustrated as I am about getting my hopes up with all these different release dates I’m still a loyal fan. You write awesome stories and a few messed up release dates can’t take away from the great quality that you put out. Keep up the good work. I can’t fault you for wanting to put out perfection because lord knows everyone hates reading a book with a grammatical error in every sentence. Good luck 👍

  2. Thanks for providing the update on the release of Kyle’s book. However, please don’t be hard on yourself for taking the time needed to put out something you’re happy with and thus hopefully readers will be happy with as well. I’m sure writing this book isn’t the only thing you have going on in your life, so it’s completely understandable that it might take a little longer to get the book out than you anticipated, especially if you’re self-publishing. I’ve enjoyed reading everything that you’ve written so far and have appreciated the quality of the books. Like someone else said, it’s nice to not have to read grammatical error after grammatical error. I’m really looking forward to reading Kyle’s book and appreciate all of the hard work you’re putting into publishing a quality story.

  3. As a big fan of yours, I can wait because I know & believe that DB4 will be awesome!! Yes, I stalk waiting for updates….lol but I rather a great book than a book that just isn’t Michelle. So I will continue being patient and trust your process that Kyle is coming very soon👍👍

  4. Please don’t stress yourself trying to get this book out. You are a very good storyteller,believe me, your fans understand and will wait. Putting out bad release dates and then not being able to meet them seems to be a right of passage for authors, so you are not alone. Several of my favorites have done the same thing, so don’t fret because you are in good company. Best of Luck! I’m looking forward to Kyle’s story.

  5. You are sooooooooooooooooo not a failure, wipe that out of your thoughts, and stop feeling like one.
    As the saying goes, good things are worth the wait! Writing is process, I know this as one of my friends asked me to be one of her Beta readers. With every epiphany and re-write, what she gave me to read got better and better- her smile each time she handed it to me grew wider and wider! What I thought was good the first time, she thought was just okay. I tell you when the peace comes- it’s all consuming!!! It will feel GRANDsational! Michelle, you know because you felt it before with your other OUTSTANDING books.

    Now, Michelle, feels like you are creating extra pressure for yourself. Don’t!!! You had us at Kyla! KYLE IS WORTH THE WAIT!!!

  6. Aww rats I don’t have Facebook but if you wanted to pull a Beyoncé and just drop it without warning I will not be upset 👀 😏😏

  7. Hey Lady, I thank you for thinking of us as you write but when you think of us it takes away from the wonder that you write (to me anyway). Take your time, do.what you do and know that yes we wait but I ain’t going know where.

    Gladly wait 💅🏾🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙🕚🕛💅🏾

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I really love your work. Delays happen and I am sure the Kyle’s story will be worth the wait. I must have missed the $0.99 sale on part two, will it go on sale again? Keep moving forward….

  9. Hi Michelle, I’m one of your loyal fan.I believe in you and your work. Please take your time, we are all human, things do happen. Stay positive to yourself. God bless.

  10. Hi Michelle, just got finish reading Loving
    Kyla again and still has the same effect 😭
    With lots of tissue. Same as your Dangerous
    Beauty series.I have so many different emotions while reading your novels. You are not a failure don’t even think that. God has bless you with a wonderful gift of writing and I’m thankful that I have the pleasure of reading your novels that have me turning the pages. Waiting patiently for the next novel in both series . May you always have much success and many Blessings.

  11. Hey Mimi! (Yes I call you Mimi lol totally my friend in my head) I have been on edge about this book. I can feel it in my bones that it’s almost done. I’m so freaking excited! I just read the other snippet last night with Kyle talking to his little girl. I’ve gone through so many scenarios in my head it’s crazy. I haven’t been this excited about a book or a series for that matter in a long time so thank you so much for that. I was going to stop reading romance all together because they all started to seem the same. Everyone was writing about millionaires, billionaires, cowboys, navy seals, and random pregnancies. I came across your books and I was hooked. I swear you can do no wrong in my eyes. Once again thanks for bringing the spark back in reading for me.

  12. Michelle stay true to yourself. Your writing is an extension of you. I love the Dangerous Beauty Series. I read DB1 with days of it dropping and stalked Amazon for the other two until they were published. I read Loving Kyla within one day! For a new author you are awesome. Heck for a seasoned author you are awesome. This genre so needed authors with your talent. I have been an avid reader for probably more years than you’ve been born. When I came across your work, I was elated. You have the ability to take the IR genre to another level. Keep your heroines strong gifted and black. Yes I was disappointed when Kyle’s story was delayed but I know it will be worth the wait. Keep publishing great works and your loyal readers will keep buying. Thank you for being honest with your readers.

    • On the way!! I’m still here, and the book is still coming out. Inspiration struck! lol. The story took a lovely turn, but come back Friday to see what the official (for sure) ‘going live’ Date will be! 🙂

  13. If you check every time I comment on here you will notice I have been waiting on this book since September so being patient hasn’t been a problem. I was told that it wouldn’t be out till October come October still no book and then it was mention there was some family issues going on I totally understand that still willing to wait. Then we where told January 4 the date comes and goes still no book it was said that only half of the book got edited and with the holidays things got behind truly understood that now its March …. That’s right March and I don’t want a date or giveaway I want the BOOK!!! The Kyle era has not been FUN at all this real leaves a bad taste because I am skeptical on how the others books will go. Whats sadder is that you are a brilliant writers but this has been a ultimate disaster. I still wish you well and I haven’t completely wrote you off but this era has made me leary of anything in the future. Let me end this by saying this isn’t coming from a place of malice but from someone who recognizes your talent and one who doesn’t want you too fall into that category where you lose readers.

    • I’m not going to give up. I am doing my best, whether anyone waiting on the story believes it or not. And while I understand yours and everyone else’s frustration with me failing to meet the deadlines, I already apologized and tried to explain myself the best I could. I chat with readers everyday, try to keep everyone involved, and I did giveaways as a thank you to all that have been understanding with me. I think it’d be a waste of time for me to repeat everything I’ve already said regarding my failures on the release dates, so I won’t. All I can do is hope that when I release Kyle’s book, those who follow the series will read it. Some will enjoy it as they always have, and some will criticize me and the direction I’ve decided to take the series, but even still, I’m not going to stop writing until the stories stop appearing in my head. What am I supposed to do other than that, just stop doing my passion because some people are frustrated with my late release of a book? I don’t find that to be grounds for giving up. I’ll let my writing speak for itself, and I’ll let readers judge based on what I put out there. I’ll write the way I’ve always written, and the people who enjoy my style of storytelling will read, no matter when I put it out. Because I believe they’ll appreciate the fact that I give a darn about the storyline and the quality of my work. An author who cares about what they put out is something I value as an avid reader as well. They’ll appreciate that I take criticism seriously and use it to improve myself, to become a better writer, and a better storyteller. I will even take you, because I respect your opinion, and I believe you are right, and I will improve as I learn.
      So with all that said … I adore you. I enjoy talking to you everytime you write, and I hope you don’t write me off. I enjoy Kyle’s story. I think its great. In true Dangerous Beauty fashion it’s funny, a little dangerous, and exciting, and a little dramatic, and it will be released. When it is ready. ❤ I hope you to read it, and if you do I hope that the story does not disappoint you, and that you will still be a fan of the DB series. I truly mean that. ❤

      • Michelle art takes time and only the artist knows when it’s ready no matter how many times you say it’s almost there….I appreciate what you do cause I just can put two sentences together. lol thank you for keeping me up to date. When you put it out is when it comes out. NUFF SAID!
        Always a Fan, I’ll wait…

  14. Thanks for the update! I love the fact that you want to give your absolute best for DB4, even if it’s taking longer than expected. I respect that about you Michelle, and just keep pushing. Yes I want Kyle right now but I’m patient and know that in the end DB4 will be worth it.

  15. I appreciate the update(s) both here and on FB. I think it says a lot about you as a writer that you want to provide readers with the best quality story you can even if it takes a little longer than you expect to get it out. I hate to say it, but I’ve become a little spoiled by this great series and your work overall, so I’d much rather you take your time and produce the story you’ve envisioned, than push out something you’re unhappy with too quickly. I’m sure Kyle’s book will be worth the wait and am excited to read it!

  16. Let me just clarify something I meant with the giveaway I wasnt demeaning it I just wanted you to know you don’t have to anything extra your books are the prize itself and that’s all everyone wants. Maybe I have been spoiled by your preformance in the past because the lead up to the releases has always been fun and upbeat. Kyles lead in didn’t follow the same blueprint so this has been a major adjustment for your readers that have been here since day one! Hope you have positive vibes because I never want to bring negativity to anyone.

  17. It’s a little embarrassing what you’ve done here…I mean first in August you announce that it’s gonna be a fall release then you go MIA, reappear and say January 4th is the confirmed release date. You then apologize and continue to lead people on making them believe it’s just a few days away when in fact it’s been months. But you don’t even stop there…you announce on facebook that you have another ‘confirmed date’ and state you ‘just need a couple of days before announcing it’, a week later you let people know you’re going MIA again….no date, no news on the book, nothing. I understand that the publishing process isn’t easy and it can be tricky and unpredictable but this…this is just you not being professional, committed, serious about your craft and truthful to your readers. I’m really sorry to say this but somebody had to.

    • Seriously … Like seriously. *sigh* Here we go. ONE. I am VERY serious about what I do. This why Kyle was not released when I had first completed the book. I wanted better for the fans of the series. TWO. I don’t need anymore run downs of what happened. I was there, I know. You are not the first ‘somebody’ to come on here and tell me all of this. I am not embarrassed. Not anymore. I’m frustrated. And ready to move on, so I am. Read my stories, or don’t. But please cease from pretending you know me or what is important to me. Because you don’t know me. If you did you’d know that I am very committed to this, I am serious about my passion for writing, and I love my readers, which is why I did not go MIA, I constantly update, host giveaways to express my thanks to all that have been kind to me during this difficult time in my life, and respond to anyone who messages me. Have a good day.

      • I love your writing. I know when I read your books they are going to hold my interest , be believeable , and keep me coming back for more. So take your time , do what you do best (write awesome books) and release a release a book that leaves us speechless. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are one of those authors that are definitely worth waiting on. Hope all is going well for you. God bless you. Patiently waiting.

      • Do you and take the time. No matter what you do someone is going to find fault with it. If it was out the first time they would have said “I didn’t like this or it’s not as good i.e.” And now you take your time to make it just the way YOU want and they say it takin to long”Come on people how long does it take you to write just a letter to so one you care about, because you forgot to say this or you want add that or this just don’t sound right and that’s just a letter. To write a book to keep the people in order of how this character thinks and that one thinks and acts. She does this first for herself because it’s her passion we are second. If we didn’t know about her she would still be writing. The sad thing is that some wouldn’t know this great writer. Stop thinking of yourselves! Michelle Keep doing you and do your thang. Gladly waiting!!!!!

    • Absolutely!! 🙂 ❤ So after some much needed guidance and advice from a veteran author friend, and some encouragement from a lot of you all, I had decided to take some extra time to take a step back reimagine some of the scenes in the book since I've been having so much trouble making decisions on the path of the series. I did that, and now I'm just playing catch up, getting the next story (DB 5) at least half way written before releasing DB 4. So once I get that done (because I know that will be the story anticipated by those who enjoy DB 4 as soon as you all are finished reading), I'll feel comfortable releasing Kyle's story. Its coming, and I promise the wait times between stories will never be this long again. 🙂 If there's anything else I can answer for you feel free to ask me! I'll respond as quickly as I can!

      • Hey MH,
        Thank you for bring me into your world of stories . Patiently I wait. Thanks for the update.
        MH fan always,

  18. One thanks for the update tad bit sad looks like I won’t be reading this before I leave but when I get back hoping I can de-stress with Kyles story have a fabulous summer everyone 😘 I will be gone to September!

  19. Soooo… Disclaimer this question is for Michelle translation don’t come for me because I didn’t send for anyone else…Ms. Hardin let me tell you that I am glad that you are okay and hopefully the writer juices are flowing now to my question …if Kyles story is done must we really wait till you get half way done with book 5? You could just drop that baby and I guarantee you would have no complaints we have been in anticipation for awhile so we could be analyzing Kyles story while you are writing the next one.

    • Hi!
      Thank you, I am well! 🙂 I had thought about doing that (Just releasing Kyle) mostly because I’m quite anxious to get it out there , but ultimately decided that I needed to start being more organized, and prepared to move forward in the DB series before releasing anything. Going from book to book was a lot easier with the first three books, but has proved to be a challenge (one that I am up for) with the new couples. Breaking away from my favs Carter and Nate was not easy lol (mostly because I ❤ them so much, and I had been so used to them being the main characters of the series 😦 …. I miss them). It's just something I have to do, 🙂 . I don't like extending the wait as I have this year thus far, but its necessary. My hope is that a lot of good (books!) comes from this year's learning experiences. We shall see! 🙂 Thank you for writing, I'm sorry I haven't been on to update more often, but if you have anymore question please don't hesitate to ask! I'll always respond as soon as I can ❤

  20. Michelle, I am glad to hear that you are in a good place in this whole process. Its quite a testament to your talent that folks are so fired up about your next release. I was happy to read that you got advice from a vet author, and that you are taking many lessons away from this experience. Learning, growing and coming out better the other side, is really the best journey to travel isn’t it? I as a reader have released all expectations, and I will be pleasantly surprised when I get a notification that your next book has been launched. I believe I may get notification from Amazon, but if you have a way to send notification to all of the email addresses gathered from your blog, I think your fans would greatly appreciate that courtesy. Best wishes for continued success!

  21. Girlllllll please. Take all the time you need to. I, for one, am and will be a loyal reader and fan. I have seen what its like for a writer to just ‘push’ out book after book. As a matter of fact some friends and i where discussing another writer we follow who has been pushing out books rather quickly and that the quality of the writing and the story line have suffered. What i most enjoyed about the DB Series is that each book held its own. So if you need to take a moment to give Kyle the respect and storyline that he deserves, then so be it. I would be disappointed in anything less.
    p/s I read the blurbs for DB4 and have fallen for Sophia already lol. with Carter as a role model that little girl is so ‘quick’.
    awaiting the release with Baited breathe…..til then I’ll just reread the others:)

  22. Hello it’s May had to recuperate from cinco de mayo before I came here to ask any updates, release dates or spoilers available??

    • Hi! No update really, but that doesn’t mean no progress has been made. It’ll be releasing soon. 🙂 Thank you for checking in! Nice hearing from you! Oh yes, and I’ll post one last teaser pretty soon, too if everyone wants one!

  23. Okay I’m trying to be patient and wait for DB4…… but it kills me to know that DB4 is done and we’re have to wait till your almost done with DB5 so we can kyle’s book😡😡😡😣😣😣

  24. Well I love your books and I will wait with a pout. I teach 1st grade so I so look forward to catch up on all the books that I have purchased but have not read.

  25. Hi I had a lot to say but it left me lol. But what I can say is that God gave you and amazing gift and life does get in the way but you just keep on writing and thanking God for your gift and we the fans that love your books will just keep waiting.

  26. I love all your work awaiting somewhat patiently😏😏😏 just kidding!!! I am waiting patiently looking forward to the next adventure, continued blessings!!!😇😇😇😇

  27. Still patiently waiting lol and super excited. Can you give us another little sneak until the book comes out or maybe an update?

  28. Cant wait for the new book you will always have a loyal fan in me no matter the time frame in which you write your books perfection takes time so don’t rush and give subpar work to impatient people who don’t know how hard you work. Just want to ask two question is Kyle’s book going to be a standalone ? And who’s book are you working on next?

  29. I must say this next episode was worth the wait. I’m such a “dangerous beauty” fan. Just so sad how far and in between the books come. I loved Kyle’s story. Who’s story will be next. There are so many great characters to explore and write about. Keep us (true fans) posted

  30. I hope that you offer your future books the Kindle Unlimited program. Will Kyle’s story be available through Kindle Unlimited in the future?

    • Hi!
      I usually do not enroll the newest books in the Dangerous Beauty Series to Kindle Unlimited because of the exclusivity factor in the program. I have to make the book available at a couple other venues for some readers that choose not to shop on Amazon. It will be available on KU closer to DB Five’s release though. That will be a little bit from now though. But if sales get slow on the other venues, I will consider enrolling DB 4 in the program sooner.

  31. Awesome Michelle! Thanks for your reply and much continued success with your writing. I look forward to reading your books as they hit Kindle Unlimited in the future.

  32. This is worth the wait. Thank you for the series. You are my favorite author. I enjoyed the series very much, keep them coming. God bless…Mimie

  33. Hi Michelle! I just read the entire DB series and I LOVE it!!! I totally fell in love with the Originals and The Five. The love between Nathan and Carter is so deep and real. I felt like I was watching a play. Please tell me that there is a book in the works for Lucca and Mickey

    • Wonderful! I’m so happy you are enjoying the series so far =D !!! Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty is next! That is Lucca’s story. Mickey’s will be after that. Thank you so much for writing me! ❤

  34. Michelle, Thee DB, not The but Thee! I bow down, I bow down!!!!! Worth the wait! No, anticipation? Love it! Not a bad thing to say about the wait. Kept me wanting more! And here I am wanting MORE! Wonderful job

    • *SNAPS fingers in the air excitedly* YAS!!! Lol. So happy you enjoyed the story, girl!!! Even happier that you want more, because we ain’t done yet, not by a long shot! Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty is next! #Lucca&Davina (WOOOO!!!!) Thank you for writing me! ❤

  35. Hi Michelle, thanks again for keeping us readers up to date. You are a very talented writer, may you be blessed always. Please take your time with dangerous beauty _ part 5 dark beauty, don’t let anyone pressuring you on when the book will be out. One question I have, will there be a love interest for Angelo? Everyone seems to have found their happy endings, what about Angelo? Please let him find a beautiful African-American woman, strong minded and tough like Anesthesia…lol…keep up the great work you doing..God bless

  36. Hi,Michelle I enjoyed kyle’s story ,but one of your other characters grabbed my interest Nathan cousin,I am wondering if will be seeing more of him and will he have a book of his own later down

    • YES!!! He’s too cute not to have a story of his own. He’ll be making a few appearances in Lucca’s book as well! 🙂 ❤ I'm so happy you enjoyed Kyle's story!!! Thank you for writing me ❤

  37. Hi, Michelle. I just finished Dangerous Beauty Part 3 and before I moved on to Part 4, I needed to tell you how much I am enjoying your books! I am really looking forward to Lucca’s story. I have claimed him as my husband, lol. You are Awesome!!

  38. Hello Michelle I love DB series! After reading some of the comments I have to ask…what about Dante? His story fascinates me. Please have a story for him…

  39. Good Afternoon Ms. Hardin!
    I pray that your health is good and your spirits are high for this coming new year. I am Renae from the Amazon Discussion pages. I am so happy that I found you. Amazon has did away with their Discussion Pages. Okay, that is Amazon’s choice. I am like a growing number of people who do not facebook, twitter, facetime, text, Skype, instagram, or any of those things. I want to be around people who love and enjoy your books as much as I do. I am so pleased to see that not only do you have a discussion page, but you reply to your readers. This is fantastic!!!!! I will be spreading the word.

  40. I just read a snippet from DB5. WOW!!! I love your definition of the word power. When you linked the word power with the description of the criminal underworld that was incredibly fantastic. There is power in Ms. Hardin’s pen!!!!!!

    • Hey sweetheart! So happy you found me!!! I was so sad to see that Amazon got rid of those discussion pages, but I’m glad you searched around, and I’m even more happy that you got a chance to take a look at the excerpt of DB5’s intro! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I’m doing so much better now, fully recovered and am working hard to get this book out to you all soon, I’m so excited!!! ❤ Thank you for writing me, and for checking in on me, I appreciate it more than you know 🙂 ❤

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