Dangerous Beauty Part Five: Dark Beauty Coming … April 5, 2019



Right hand to one of the underworld’s most powerful crime bosses, Davina Delavigne is a woman conflicted. As a powerful individual of the underworld, she has done everything to make a name for herself and the place in which she comes from. DelACot. A secret society of elite assassins purposely hidden from the rest of the world.

Though always one to keep her focus on what she was taught was important, lately, she finds herself a bit … distracted. He’s tall, sinfully sexy, beautifully dangerous, and Davina doesn’t quite know what to do with the feelings she’s experiencing every time she’s in his presence.

Especially since those feelings are forbidden …

Underboss of the Salerno crime family, Lucca “Tick” Salerno is a man on a mission. When he’s not ruling his family with an iron fist, his focus is on winning the heart of a reluctant, unattainable beauty. Since the first moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted her. And, try as she might to convince him his feelings for her are one-sided, Lucca knows better. She wants him, too. No matter how long it takes, Lucca is determined to win the heart of the underworld’s Dark Beauty.


Now available!!!

Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken

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 Loving Kyla - Michelle Hardin - eBook KDP-Nook

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Three covers next to each other

Dangerous Beauty Part One $0.99!


Dangerous Beauty Part Two $2.99



Dangerous Beauty Part Three $3.99




525 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Lady! Glad to read that you’re healing and betting better day by day. If we were closer I’d be your RN! Any way keep on being patient with yourself and we readers will definitely benefit from it later. In other news I’ve been eyeing Sofia’s absent mother Faith…maybe I’ll do another FanFiction short story on her just to pass the time. I know I said no more FF until after DB5 came out but I can’t help it!! LOL Keep on ignoring the haters and keep your eyes on the prize! Sending nothing but positive vibes and thoughts your way!!

  2. Hey MH, glad you’re doing better. Take your time. Greatness should never be rushed! Good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Michelle! I’m glad you’re doing better and don’t stress, your books are amazing and definitely worth the wait 😊
    And don’t take the negative comments to heart and let them discourage your work.
    I adore your stories and love is love and it rarely follows norms or rules and your stories shows that.

    • Half of the story is written and been through its first round of edits. The next half is being written and has not yet been edited 🙂 I’m actually writing now! Really ready to get this one done and out to you all ❤

    • Books coming along well! I’ve started the edits on the first half, and am working on the second half everyday. Will update everyone when I hit the end 🙂 Thank you for checking in! ❤

  4. Hey Michelle, glad to hear you are doing better. I’ve loved every single book of the beauty series. You really get your readers invested in these characters. Can’t wait until DB5 is out. Thank you for all the enjoyment.

  5. Hi Michelle so glad that you are doing better. Anxiously waiting for DB 5. Take your time . Greatness comes to those who wait.

    • I’m still writing 🙂 I just haven’t put out a book in a while for personal reasons. The characters are still talking though, and I will be back with some great stories when I do release!

  6. Hi Michelle, your health is top priority so just concentrate on doing you first. I’m ok with reading the DB series again for the 10th time just to keep my fix on an even keel. Waiting patiently till DB5, I can read the series again no probs lol.

  7. Yeah!!!! DB5 is in the works? Yass!!!!. Sorry to hear you had to deal with some personal stuff, take heart, it is well, we will be here waiting! I swear I have read the DB collection 20x 😂 but I will still continue to re-read it, it never gets old! Fingers crossed 🤞🏾 you are working on Micky’s story! I love him! He is so deliciously psychotic, he needs a woman who can handle all his crazy! 😝

    We can’t wait!

    Ps: you are one of my favourite authors, so thank you for being awesome!

    • No promises, but it will be done and off to editing soon. I’m sorry about the wait, I didn’t really get a good start on the story until this year, but it is coming along. Its hard writing a series, making sure it all lines up is a challenge, but I just want to make it great for you all ❤ I'll update soon!

  8. Thank you. You don’t know how much I enjoy you books. Winter is coming and I need something good to read. So happy . Glad you doing so well. I come to your website daily. Thank you.

  9. Just finished re-reading DB series for the 20th time but hey they’re that good, so I thank you and can not wait to get in grossed in DB5. So take your time I know it will be well worth the wait. You are an amazing story teller your characters are absolutely brilliant. So keep doing what you do best.

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