Books I am working on now:

New books coming from me soon. The Dangerous Beauty series continued, as well as two separate works that I am very excited to release. I thank everyone who has stuck by me throughout my long absence. Thank you for your patience, and I will be releasing books again soon. Love you all.

Update: Still working and loving what’s coming. I want to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared, just been organizing. I won’t be able to release in 2022 as I planned. But understand this in no way means I will not be releasing at all. The comeback is most definitely still coming … Things have changed in my life drastically. Also, I’m a caregiver (IYKYK). The unpredictability of what I may have had to do each day effected how much time I had in the day. The understanding and patience has been so appreciated. It will be well worth the wait. I’m so excited to share everything I’ve been working on with all of you, and now that my responsibilities as a caregiver have lessened significantly (due to wonderful health improvements). I’ve been re-adjusting to pouring the majority of my time into myself and my passion (these books). Those who are caregivers understand what I mean by re-adjusting lol. I can’t wait you all. And I hope no one is holding any negative feelings toward me because of my absence. I assure you it has not been because I’ve wanted to be absent. I’ve missed everyone! Much Love. Michelle.

Dangerous Beauty Part Six (Status: Partly written)

The Boss’s Daughter (Status: Still Nearly Done (In improvements stage))

District Edge (Status: Partly Written)

As of now there is no release date on either, but I will keep you all updated. I usually disappear from the web when I get deep into my work or something happens in my family, but if you all want weekly progress updates, let me know in the comments. I am working as quickly as possible without rushing the characters. Love you all bunches!

Dangerous Beauty Part Five: Dark Beauty Is Live!! (Click the cover)



Right hand to one of the underworld’s most powerful crime bosses, Davina Delavigne is a woman conflicted. As a powerful individual of the underworld, she has done everything to make a name for herself and the place in which she comes from. DelACot. A secret society of elite assassins purposely hidden from the rest of the world.

Though always one to keep her focus on what she was taught was important, lately, she finds herself a bit … distracted. He’s tall, sinfully sexy, beautifully dangerous, and Davina doesn’t quite know what to do with the feelings she’s experiencing every time she’s in his presence.

Especially since those feelings are forbidden …

Underboss of the Salerno crime family, Lucca “Tick” Salerno is a man on a mission. When he’s not ruling his family with an iron fist, his focus is on winning the heart of a reluctant, unattainable beauty. Since the first moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted her. And, try as she might to convince him his feelings for her are one-sided, Lucca knows better. She wants him, too. No matter how long it takes, Lucca is determined to win the heart of the underworld’s Dark Beauty.


Now available!!!

Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken

Click the cover!

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Books available!

 Loving Kyla - Michelle Hardin - eBook KDP-Nook

Available now on Amazon  (Free with Kindle Unlimited)


Three covers next to each other

Dangerous Beauty Part One $0.99!


Dangerous Beauty Part Two $2.99



Dangerous Beauty Part Three $3.99



577 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Michelle, Take your time ,Don’t rush.The readers out here that will wait 2 years. Because we know when you finish your stories they will be excellent.Thank you for all you do and take your time….

  2. Thank you for the update and take your time.. I really love all your books and hope you are doing well.. Thanks for being one of my favorite authors ❤️❤️..

  3. I love your series and just reread them all waiting for Mickey and Michele to have their story told. You are an Amazing writer and I am looking forward to more books from you. Thanks

    • Hello! Thank you Pamala. Your encouragement and support means the world! Thank you for your kind words and patience. It hasn’t been easy being away for this long, and I can’t wait to chat with you all about all the new stuff going on in the world of the Dangerous Beauty Series! The book chats are going to be so much fun!!

  4. I understand totally your role as a caregiver. I was to my Mom and Dad. It’s the one of the hardest situations that life can put you in but that alone tells me that you are a truly loving and caring person. Take care of them but take care of yourself also. We as fans of your fantastic story telling will wait (albeit with bated breath) can wait, because we know that it will be more than worth it. Love you and your dedication to your craft.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the much needed love and kind words of encouragement. I so can’t wait to get these stories published and out to you all. The understanding truly means more than words can express. Thank you! And have the merriest Christmas. God bless. Much love to you and your family.

  5. I have been a caretaker also. And I know it is hard and it is tough To do. Take your time and do what you have to do for your family and god bless you. We is the readers of your book will be here waiting patiently. You take care of yourself Merry Christmas.

  6. Hi i just finished reading the series for the third time. And i was curious to know when the next book is coming. So i was looking for you site. I read that you take care of you parents. As someone who worked with elderly i can understand the work, time and patience you need. I worked with patients with dementia. But al that to say i look forward to the next book when it will come. No rush!!

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