Life is Beautiful! : )

Even though things really suck sometimes, life does definitely have its up moments.
Today I got to see something that made my day brighten and my heart soar.MY beautiful older sister is having TWINS! And today I got to see Baby A and Baby B break dance in her tummy. Baby B is definitely more active he spent the entire time flipping around and covering his face with his tiny hands (it was so freaking cute!). Baby A is the boss. Much like my sister she was focused on getting her sibling to calm it down. At least that’s how I interpreted the multiple kicks in the head she gave her brother. All in All today was an adorable day. My sister was hilarious, she gets nervous every time she has a doctors appointment, and when she’s nervous she really goofy. So we spent a lot of the time laughing. I am so happy I got to experience seeing my niece and nephew on the ultra sound and I really can’t wait until they get here! : )
When Celeste’s first found out she was pregnant her four sisters went crazy. And I mean went crazy. They ran around the house screaming at the top of their lungs, “We’re pregnant! We’re pregnant! OH MY GOD We’re having our first BABY!” They cried, laughed, and made plans for the future.
When the first Ultra sound came along Celeste was beyond nervous. She and her 17 yr. old sister Ty went to it together. They sat waiting patiently in the waiting room, but when the nurse called them back,Celeste couldn’t fight off her fear any longer. She had been waiting for the first ultra sound and it was finally about to happen! She panicked. She turned to Ty frantically “I’m scared what if something’s wrong!” she said. She worried her bottom lip.
Ty looked at her a rolled her eyes “Celeste nothings wrong every things going to be fine” she assured her with a pat on the back.
Celeste shook her head and frowned “I’m still scared. What if…” she leaned in closer to Ty and whispered “What if there’s no baby in there”.
Ty frowned at first, then her eyes brightened with amusement. What if there’s no baby in there? This girls lost it, Ty thought, but she didn’t say it out loud…Well…Yes she did. Ty has always been one to speak her mind. If she didn’t, then how would her sister’s know the truth? How would they know when they are being extra like Celeste was right now? They should consider her wisdom a blessing, she thought to herself as she opened her mouth to tell Celeste that she was trippin’ “What if there’s no baby in there? Girl you are crazy” she said through a chuckle. Celeste’s nervousness and facial expression amused her. “Celeste” she said with a sigh “It’s funny how you’re worried about not having one baby in there When there’s going to be two” she said with a sly smile.
Celeste eyes widened and she shook her head firmly “Uh uh shut up Ty, I am not having twins!”
Ty just nodded as they went back into the ultra sound room. She was used to her sister’s not listening when she dropped grade A knowledge on them like that. They just don’t appreciate her awesomeness. I mean she is in the United States Achievement Academy for her excellent GPA! Hello?!
Celeste and Ty entered the ultra sound room and the nurse began to do her thing.
As the nurse began the Ultra sound she said something that made a smug smile appear on Ty’s face and Shock mask Celeste’s.
“Wow looks like we have Two in here! Congratulations! There is Baby A and there is Baby B” the nurse said with a big smile.
Celeste turned slowly to look at Ty, who still had a smug smile on her face.
Ty crossed her arms over her chest “Told you so”

Just a little fun true story. Of course I added a few things to make it more entertaining, but I think I pretty much captured the actual personalities of my sister’s as well as what happened that day.
You called it Tyty and you were right little sis. I guess we should listen to you more you little genius! : )

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