Random Dangerous Beauty character talk…..

Alright y’all. I have wanted to just talk about this book forever, and now I can! Because unlike a little bit ago people actually know the characters as well as the story. So I would love to just discuss what I love about the character in Dangerous Beauty One with y’all. Let’s start with the Five:

Dante- He’s quiet. Doesn’t really say much in the first book, but when he does speak, I smile. As a reader (not the writer) I like Dante’s character a lot. I think he’s sweet (to those he likes of course). He’s cuddly like a teddy bear. (my opinion lol)

Lucca- Lucca is a hottie, but I’m only saying this because I’m on team Salerno. I’ve always imagined there being two teams. Team Salerno and Team Valente (Mickey and Kyle). I’m team Salerno all the way. I love Lucca because he fooled the hell out us when he was on vacation. But when they went back to work….Yep. Tall, sexy, alpha with a temper. That’s my type guy ­čÖé

Mickey- Mickey…Mickey…Mikilo Valente…Silencer…Cray cray! Y’all we gets a taste of Mickey Valente in book 1 but I want it all. I think he’ sexy, but I don’t know if me and him would work out lol…He’s crazy. He just doesn’t seem like the settling down type to me, but who knows. But he’s still my boo, and I love his and Carter’s friendship. In crazy people land, they complete each other.

Kyle- I’ve been getting a mixed reaction on this guy lol. Here is what I think about Kyle. I love him. I love his face, I love that hidden vulnerability, and I love love that unnoticeable insecurity. It’s so real. There’s a lot more to learn about Kyle. If you pay attention to every scene Kyle is in, there are subtle hints to the battle going on inside the gorgeous playboy.

And now we get to…

Nathan Salerno- To say I just┬álove him would the understatement of the century. Nathan is cream to my cocoa, he’s white to my chocolate, he’s the┬áRussian to my tea balls…lol…Jk, but yea I love him. I love the way he loves and hates his father. I love the way he thought he didn’t want love, but when he found it he clung to it and loved hard. I love how complex he his. He polite when he has to be and he’s a monster when he has to be. I love his sometimes not so subtle arrogance. I love his sense of humor, how much he loves his friends, his willingness to learn how to be a leader. and I love how much he loves Carter. He fascinates me. I love every word I write about Nathan Salerno.

Now for our Girl…

Carter- I think she prefers to just be called Carter. Although it seems to happen less and less as the series moves forward. Ok let’s talk about my girl Carter. There’s just…so much going on with her, I know. But in her defense she was adjusting to new things. I mean one second she’s this normal waitress, then you find out she’s not exactly just some normal waitress, she’s the daughter of a notorious hit-man and she was believed to be dead. She’s thrust into this word that she was hidden from her entire life. If you ask me, I think she adjusted beautifully, and quickly. I love Carter. I love her wit. I love her charm. I love her impulsive behavior (It keeps Nathan on his toes). I love her temper. And I even love her tears. Carter’s tears are her signature. She can be a crybaby *shrugs* maybe, but if you give her sh** about it, she won’t hesitate to kick your ass. Other than that she’s a super sweet girl…just don’t piss her off. Like she stated. She has a bit of an Anger management problem…lol…I love that part…┬áCarter’s a reader favorite, and I love that! I love her too!

Well that’s all if them…Well there is ONE more girl from the story that I can talk about but…Ummm….I don’t wanna…she scares me…

But yea! Well that was my random talk. Book Two will give us more Characters to talk about. It will be fun.

Love ya doves!

Oh yea I forgot I had a “P.S.”

P.S. Book Two of the Dangerous Beauty Series will hit Amazon Kindle August 2014 ­čÖé

Spread the word. When I get more info, I let you all know. But we have a month guys! That’s progress!

Feel free to comment. Tell me what you think about the characters ­čÖé . I’d love to know.