Write Write Write

Thank the lord Jesus for his many blessing! Schools out for 2 weeks! You know what that means people. YES! Writing! I will be writing Novel number two with no interruption (except work) for 2 weeks! Yeah! Ok I’m putting way too many exclamation points in this post. Let me breathe and calm down so I can tell you were I am in Dangerous Beauty Part Two.
Well it’s been kinda low key lately in Dangerous Beauty, no I’m lying, it’s constant drama in Dangerous Beauty land, and s-word’s about to get real, for real, real soon. I’m gearing up for book 3 people. Book 3 is going to be Super Awesome and Book 2 Will be the set up for it. I’m having so much fun writing. Some of the scenes make me cry and others have me laughing my a** off.
I’m really excited about where I am headed next in the book. Starting now and for the next four days I will be working on my book non-stop and I am really excited. I love writing!
Songs I listened to while writing this week

The next Post I will write will definitely be when I am entering the more drama filed half of the book. You know, bring back people from the past, uncovering hidden secrets of the past, and a little drama in some relationships. Yippie!

One thought on “Write Write Write

  1. Thats awesome. I cant wait for the books to come out so I can buy them. And yes….Ess Just Got Real. lol. And I love that song. (TPR- Hit me like a man)

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