LAte PoSt!!!

Yes I know, I know, I’m late but you have to cut me some slack here, I am a college student! Distraction from my book came in the form of two final papers UGH! And if you were wondering, YES! It REALLY SUCKED! I don’t know how I will do on them, but let’s just say my mind was on Dangerous Beauty and not on the subject of either papers the entire time. I have been dreaming this story like crazy. I did manage to get chapter 7 completed and I am in the middle of chapter 8 but I still have some decisions to make. Figuring out spots to push forward time was a lot easier in the first book. Go figure *shrug*. Anyway, this blog isn’t really going to be a long one I just wanted to give a quick update on my progress. As of now I am on chapter 8 of Dangerous Beauty Part 2! I also have a 2 week break from school coming up after this coming dreadful finals week, so I will get a nice chunk if not the whole book finished during that time. Yippee! Then I will be sending it in to my Publishers and Start writing on BOOK 3!!!
Songs I listened to While writing through chapter 7:

He is sooo Cutte!

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