Dangerous Beauty…

To say I have become attached to my baby and it’s characters would be an understatement. I love Dangerous Beauty. I Love everything about it and I’m having so much fun writing the third book. My only hope is the readers love this book as much as I do (or at least like it). I want to announce that I finally have a release date to share with all of you!

May 24, 2014!!!!
That is the day I officially become a published author. This is a lot of fun and my prayer is that I do ok, then better, and better, and better. I want to just get my name out there and I think Dangerous Beauty has the potential to do that for me. I’m not expecting instant stardom, or for everyone to love me or what I do. I have a realistic view. My hope is that I learn from this experience. I want to learn how to be a better writer. And I want people to love what I write, like I love writing it. Hopefully I will achieve this one day. Although I know there will be bad reviews (It’s inevitable right?) I want the good to outweigh the bad. And isn’t that what all us authors want.
Anyway, I’m totally excited. Let the countdown to release day begin. I’m going to try my best to be creative and do something cool everyday this coming week so get ready!!!
Also I have a book trailer!!! It will hit face book and my website on Monday! So be looking out for that.
If you haven’t read the excerpts for Dangerous Beauty yet. I’ve posted them. Just hover over the Dangerous Beauty Series Tab and the Prologue and a Bonus excerpt called Beautiful Stranger are right there. Everyone should read and comment.
I want to try to do a Blog everyday this coming week in celebration of the release, so look out for those y’all!
Talk to you soon! Love ya doves!

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