*Whew!* Finally a new blog entry!!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but preparing a book for publishing is both exhausting and TERRFYING! Yes, I sent the Final copy of Dangerous Beauty Part One: Destiny to my publisher a few days ago, and YES I am kicking myself because I’m nervous as all types of hell because the novel will hit Kindle this month. *Sigh* I need to breath and collect myself. My heart is beating a mile a second every time I think about the release. I can’t lie though, who doesn’t love a little nervous excitement. I know I do. A year ago I had nothing to look forward to, and now I awaiting the release of my first romance novel, applying to graduate school, and planning my future with a lot more optimism than I had a year ago.
Today I decided to take a step back from writing the third book of the Dangerous Beauty Series because I still have some decisions to make. Once others read the book they’ll understand that Dangerous Beauty has about a billion different things going on all at once. Drama, funny, drama, yikes, sexy, drama, funny, sexy, drama, disturbing….That’s the way I like to describe the Dangerous Beauty series. Readers are in for a wild ride. Here is my advice when you read beautiful people. DO NOT TRY TO PREDICT WHERE THE BOOK IS GOING!!! I was free writing when I wrote this book. I let my imagination run free with this story, so I shocked myself as I went. I didn’t limit myself to what society may view as the “mafia way of life” I’m bringing the reader into my world. I enjoyed Writing Dangerous Beauty: Destiny. Book Two is called Dangerous Beauty: A Mafia Princess and it is already complete, and Book Three is Dangerous Beauty: The Five (I m currently writing this one). But yea, anyway, I decided to take a break from writing that one and focus on my first paranormal. This one is definitely next to the Dangerous Beauty series as one of my favorite series. I have few series and only three stand alone books that I’m working on. This Paranormal one that I’m working on is currently titled Aazora. I love this book so far. I did some work on Book 1 and this is definitely going to come out nice. There are Angles, Vampire/demons, witches and warlocks, werewolves, and of course humans :). I’ve had a lot of fun with this one. It’s really allowing me to tap into my imagination no holds barred. That’s definitely something I love about Paranormal. The limits of reality don’t exist.
But yea, I’m talking too much now. I’ma let y’all go. Don’t forget to check out Lena Hamptons Someone to Love. It’s a great read and there is a sneak peak of Book one of the Dangerous Beauty series in the back. I hope to get a specific date from the publishers soon. As soon as I hear I’ll jump for joy and tell y’all! Talk to ya soon!
Love ya doves!

One thought on “*Whew!* Finally a new blog entry!!

  1. Hasn’t it been a while. Great blog post. Cant wait to read ALL of the books. Really, ESPECIALLY looking forward to that Paranormal one! (: (: ❤ ❤ ❤

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