Monday Musing: U-N-I-T-Y

Great Post today. Had to share . . .

Musings of A Romance Junkie


But I ain’t seeing it in the IR community y’all! I’m not seeing it from all the authors who write the stories, and I damn sure don’t see it from the fans. If you are deep in the game as I’ve become over the last 2 years, you will know there are invisible lines of demarcation throughout. You have this sect who stay to themselves only and only promote within. Then you have this sect who go outside the fold to get the love they don’t get from their own fam. Then you have this sect who scheme and conspire to tear down other authors and/or groups who don’t conform to their agenda or who are seen as threats. Yeah, I said it because I’ve seen it, and I’ve experienced it. This ain’t rocket science. This genre is already a target that has become the literal bottomless pit of the…

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