How much is too much? #NewAuthorProblems


I’m still new to being an author, so I don’t know if it’s okay for Authors to vent like this in their blogs, but I’m going to take a chance and go for it.

(Warning: Pretty much everything I say and write has a comedic undertone…So this rant is pretty much the softest rant you’ll ever read. #I’mJustBeingMe)

How much is too much? Really! I need to know because I’ma be honest, I’ma about to pull out my hair!!!

Okay let me breathe for a minute…

*breathes for a minute*

Okay, here we go. I would first like to clarify that this is not a rant…Well, at least I hope it’s not a rant. Because rants are so unlike me, but I have reached my “gotta rant about it” point!

Reached it, I tell you!

I need to VENT! I need to talk about this, and who better to talk about it with then all of the awesome readers I’ve been getting to know. I mean, this may be a little tiny rant, but I promise I’m not about to go all “Chelsea Cain” on my readers (lol).

Okay, back to my original  reason for this post.

Anyone who has communicated with me (both in person, and online) knows that I am a person that accepts constructive criticism well.

The honest reason for this is because of the talents I possess.

The particular skills that I excel at put me in the position to be criticized by others. I’m not only a writer, I’m also a musician. I’ve been writing music and singing all of my life. Many times this talent has put me in the position of receiving criticism (“You need to hold the note longer Patrice”…”You’re flat”… “Don’t sing alto when you know you’re a soprano”… “Breath from the diaphragm and sit up straight”… “Having an off day are we?”… and my favorite “SING OUT, Patrice! Nobody can hear you!”…Umm hello! Everyone knows I have a naturally soft voice!) .

Now while I do not take criticism about my musical talents well AT ALL (lol…I’m seriously a know-it-all when it comes to my music) I have taken constructive criticism about my writing in stride, especially from those whom opinion I value (aka the readers. . . and a couple of other people whose opinion I admittedly value more…Is that bad, If so I apologize. I just want to be honest. I don’t want to offend). I need the criticism because I’m gonna be honest, I have absolutely no training in writing novels. I need to learn! I haven’t taken classes, nor did I follow the steps on EHow, when I looked up “How to become an author”. I have received a little bit of criticism already since the release of Dangerous Beauty two. Things ranging from too much character development, to  . . .

“annoying blatantly obvious and unforgivable”

editing mistakes.

This is okay. I repeat, this is just fine. Speak your mind. I am a firm believer that people have a right to comment and complain freely about items they purchase with their hard earned money. I mean, I myself have complained about some items that I have purchased in the past. Recently I bought a USB microphone that was a huge piece of s-word and I. Went. Off about it! I warned everybody against purchasing that piece of crap…Is that the same as criticizing a book? Idk.

But ANYWAY (lol) let me try to get down to the point of this post.

Like I said, I accept criticism well, but there is this ONE complaint, that I have received now on both books (I don’t know if from the same person or not ) that is really, REALLY, picking at my nerves y’all.

I don’t know why its picking at me so much, but it is. Its making me wanna scream.

Carter’s beauty!!!!!! The complaint is about the mention of Carter’s beauty.

Kyle says she’s beautiful. Lucca rarely comments on her beauty, but he’ll throw a “beautiful” in after addressing her, but honestly, he’d do that with any woman because that’s just the way his character happens to talk. Dante has commented on her beauty like once, and Mickey…Well we all know Mickey and Carter’s relationship. It’s constant playful flirtation, both of them trying to one-up each other. I think it’s funny…Then we have Nathan. He is the one that comments on Carter’s appearance the most. It’s mostly in his thoughts, or he’ll tell her how sexy she is or something like that. This happens ONE, because she’s his woman, TWO because they are newlyweds and every things just super blissful for them right now, AND three, because he actually really is attracted to his wife.

Here’s my opinion. The book is called Dangerous Beauty for a reason. Anastacia and Carterina Stone are HOT! What is so wrong with that? I tried to relay that the first thing that is noticed about them, when meeting them, is their striking beauty. In book two Carter is called “La pericolosa bellezza” (Dangerous Beauty) because she is both beautiful and dangerous. To me Carter’s appearance didn’t overtake the drama in the story. I do not feel that her beauty is annoyingly stressed, but that’s just my opinion. I would like to hear everyone else’s.

So here’s my “How much is too much?” Question.

Are comments of the heroine’s beauty in the Dangerous Beauty Series too much? If so, did it take away from the whole story in any way for you?

If anyone decides to answer my question feel free to disagree with me, please. Be truthful and tell me like it is. Don’t hold back. I’m writing DB3 right now, and so far, Carter has met some new people and one says to her . . .

“I have heard much about you and I must say, words do your beauty no justice.”

I thought it was a sweet and gentlemanly thing for a man to say when meeting a lady for the first time. But I just don’t know any more y’all *sigh* I really don’t…

Please, help me! If there’s been too much just let me know. I will seriously go through what I have of book three and weed it out. The story as a whole is what’s important to me, the plot twists and turns, and character development. I want the readers to see past the outer shell and see what’s on the inside as well. So if comments about Carter’s beauty are keeping some from truly enjoying the story, tell me. . .

22 thoughts on “How much is too much? #NewAuthorProblems

  1. Hi,

    I don’t mind the rant and it’s not harsh at all. Some people are just very nit picky. It didn’t really phase me one way or the other. Don’t take this the wrong way but I really didn’t pay to much attention to that. I was so engrossed in the story that any mention of her beauty was second to everything else. Write what feels right to you and don’t let the negatives get you down. Not to say don’t take in constructive criticism but this wasn’t constructive it’s just annoying.

    Hope this helped even a little,

    • Thank you so much Tiffani 🙂 You did help. I was hoping my temporary mental break down didn’t offend anyone. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you for the feedback. Your words are much needed and appreciated.

  2. Hi Patrice,

    I don’t find that you mentioned her beauty too much, besides she was a beautiful woman. H***, you even stated how beautiful she was as a little girl. If all that person could talk about is how much you mentioned beauty in the novel, then, I’d say you’ve done your job as an author. I know I enjoyed the story. Like I’ve stated before, this was my first read with this type of novel, and, you have me hooked. Keep doing what you are doing, fans, like me, who really enjoy your novels will follow you no matter what others say. We will be honest and not spiteful. You can’t please everybody all the time, so do you. You are good at your job. You are on my favorite list……

    • You’re the sweetest Stephanie! Thank you so much! I’m so honored that it was the DB series that introduced you to the AMAZING world of IR romance :). I was hooked after I read my first IR novel by Lena Matthews. I haven’t stopped reading the genre since. Thank you so much for you’re feedback. I really need the encouragement 🙂 thanks a bunch.

  3. No it’s not too much I am glad that you have giving us physical detail on Carter’s appearance because I have a good picture of her in my head and I mean she does get it from her mother so it’s only natural she is uniquely beautiful

    • 🙂 Thank you. That was my main goal, to give the reader a mental picture. Everything from the color of her shirt to a new hairstyle, I felt it should be written so that the reader could see Carter as they read about her. Thank you so much for you’re feedback :).

  4. I can’t believe that was even a complaint! I didn’t notice until you just pointed it out. Just look at it this way; the book was so damn good that that’s the ONLY thing the reviewer could come up with. You just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working for ya!!!

    • Thank you Morgan :)! I’m SO glad Carter’s beauty isn’t an issue with everyone because I had no idea how I was going to write a Romance story without describing the hero and heroine’s attraction for one another (lol). Thank you so much for your kind words!

  5. Do not take that comment to heart! With greatness come criticism, negativity, and come on.. hating! That is how you know you are doing something right. I would have never guessed you are a new writer with no training. It’s ok to vent then pick your head up and continue to do what you love.
    P.s. I’m soooooo ready to hear more about the BEAUTIFUL BONITA BELLA Carter in book 3!!!!! Keep up the good work.=))

  6. I love that you described her as unequivocally beautiful. Truthfully, Michelle I think those complaints speaks to a deeper problem among us black girls. We don’t see ourselves as beautiful. We are and I love hearing about it 😉

  7. I feel the description of Carter is not a bad thing. Most of the time Carter is being described is by Nathan. In my opinion i feel that is one of the things i find so sexy about Nathan. What woman would not love it when their man adores her beauty so much as he does Carter. Honey this is a romance novel. Enjoy and loose yourself in the romance people! You are an amazing writer Michelle. I am hooked on dangerous beauty. I have to read part 1 & 2 over and over until 3 come out. I finished it in two days now i miss my sexy Russian. Keep up the good work baby girl. Your mommy is sooooo proud of you

  8. MIchelle, don’t worry about people have to say. I actually enjoy that you call Carter beauty and beautiful….because it helps to ‘soften’ her other side. With all the killing the sista does, it’s kinda nice not to see her like Tasha on New Jack City, LOL. What’s wrong with Nathan constantly reaffirming her, as we have read, even though others call her beautiful she doesn’t neccessarily buy into it. She believes HIM because he loves her.
    Anyway, I believe that an author has the right to develop a character as they see, after all its your vision. You can read our thoughts but remember this is YOUR story to tell. I remember I once asked Sienna Mynx if she took ideas from her readers, she responnded a big resounding NO. LOL. She said the characters talk to her and she tells the story, besides there are legal issues using others ideas.

    STAY TRUE TO YOU AND YOUR VISION……I’m on board the Cater and Nathan train for the ride 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I needed read this. Its goo to read about what another author said on this particular subject, especially one as great as Sienna Mynx. I will follow her advice because it is very true. If I don’t listen to my characters then I cant tell their story, I’ll lose who they are if I try to make them become something they are not. Thank you very much for the feedback. I really needed it :).

  9. I love the references of Carter’s and her mother’s beauty. People need to remember the title of the book and get over it. There’s so much more going on in the story besides the beauty of these dynamic women.

  10. The point carterina beauty is what makes the story but it also tell the story how this young lady bring unity among the underworld. I think that what makes her different from her mom but in book two, I was kinda pissed because Anastacia should’ve been forthcoming in the beginning but wasn’t. This story is about carterina and her family. There is so much we don’t know about her because the story hasn’t came to a full circle, which is why I think everyone need to get to know Anastacia in order to understand carterina. Remeber carterina is a genious who happens to be very beauitful. As for Nathan, he is the love of her life, the one who truly understand her

    • Very true Monica. I’m glad you saw that. Family is a hugs concept in this book. I wanted to show that in both parts as well as the third Part. In the third part you will learn Anastacia’s story and you are right, it does help us understand a lot about Carterina’s character as well. But we also learn that she has a lot in common with her biological father too.

  11. Ignore people’s ignorance, Dangerous Beauty is about so much more than Carter’s beauty and anyone who has made that a focal point needs to get a life. The story is about so much more than that…You keep doing what your doing; this series is outstanding, fresh, and entertaining. I can’t wait for part 3.. You have a gift, so don’t let anyone make you doubt your talent..

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