Update for DB3 (Don’t panic, it’s not bad news … well I dont think it is… LOL)

                 gun and glasses

Good day beautiful people. I’m sure some of you have noticed that I have been pretty much MIA for a while. I apologize to those I haven’t written back yet, but I have been super busy preparing Book Three of the Dangerous Beauty Series. I suppose it is time I fill you all in on what’s happening with that, so here we go!

An Update:

Dangerous Beauty Part three is coming along great! The editor is wonderful, and she has finished the majority of the book. The only person that is holding her up now, is me…

Yes me. I know, I totally suck! And I’m super sorry for that. If you are my friend on Facebook I’m sure you’ve seen the few posts and comments that I have put up about the books ending, and how I’ve been messing with it for a while. Well here it is. I have been changing it, over and over, and over, and then the ideas just stopped!!

I was trippin’ balls after that. I pretty much locked myself up in my home and stared at the computer for like ever! Meanwhile the editor is kicking ass at getting things done, and now she’s beat me! She’s waiting for me to send her the end of the book. As of yesterday.

So here’s where I am now. I Got it!!! Yes, after weeks of screaming, crying, and begging God to give me a sign, I got it! An ending that I feel confident in! An ending that I love! People, I tell you. It feels damn good to smile again. So I’m sending the new ending to the editor and as usual she will kick ass at getting it back to me, then I will be finishing going over edits and do formatting and then RELEASE DB3 to the masses lol.

Do I have a specific date, no, but I do know that it will be soon. My life is not in order right now because a lot has changed, but I promise I’m getting myself organized. I’m very new to self-publishing (which DB3 will be) but I’m getting the hang of it quickly, and DB3 WILL be out VERY soon.

Please have mercy on me my loves, PLEASE. I’m sorry about the wait but I can never rush the process of writing because it wouldn’t allow me to bring my best and most creative ideas to the stories. I really spent a ton of time on this story, and that is because I really do love this series and I love all of you. We’ve finally made it to Book Three and I want it to be EPIC. I want it to be a new beginning for this entire series. So much is resolved, and so much is introduced (preparing for the standalones to come after this story). I could NOT put out a story that I was not confident in, and the ending I had before didn’t have my confidence.

So that’s the update. I love you guys, you’re all the best. I’ll give another update very soon!

Peace and Love,

Michelle Hardin …

17 thoughts on “Update for DB3 (Don’t panic, it’s not bad news … well I dont think it is… LOL)

  1. Don’t worry Michelle, we’ll wait no matter how long. We got your back and have total confidence in you to deliver……

  2. Thank you for the update, but we completely understand . Time and patience +creative ideas= a epic book . Take all the time you need we are here for you… p.s. if you need anymore to review I am your person 😉

  3. Even though I am sad I would have been upset if I didn’t like the storyline so take your time and give us something that will make us clutch our pearls 😉

  4. Yaaay…. take all the time you need.
    ps, i’m all antsy, itchy and anxious but in the good way like anticipating awesomeness way.


  5. Take your time Michelle Daaahling! Soooo happy to receive this update. Looking forward to drinking a few glasses of merlot while reading DB3! I’m so excited that I might have to use a vacation day when the book is released cause Lord knows my husband and 2 boys will not let me read my kindle in peace. I’ll wait with abated breath as “Good things come to those who wait!” #Epiclove #NathanandCareterina

  6. The wait is a killer but the news is always helpful even goin through my DB withdrawals. I wait and look forward to the greatness that you do. Thanks again for the update.

  7. Hey Michelle,
    Even though I’m literally dyiiiiing to read DB3, I really appreciate you taking your time to make the book as great it can be. It shows how much you care not only for your work but also for your fans too, this just makes me love you and your work more. Be sure to know that I’ll be one-clicking DB3 as soon as its out and also leave a review once I’m done reading it.

    P.S: When you are you going to put me out of my misery and tell me whether Aniyah will be Kyle’s love interest or not?? Please, please make Aniyah and Kyle a couple…..I just know they’ll be great together.

    Much love,
    Binta 😀

  8. Just finished DB2, and immediately starting hunting for a part 3 because I’m sitting here all “WHAT?!…What happens next” Whew….glad to know the wait isn’t too long.

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