S-word happens, but I just gotta keep moving forward … (Book news! please forgive me)

Something I love most about myself is my ability to roll with the punches life tends to just LOVE throwing at me. I’ve endured much hardship in my life, and I’ve been hurt and disappointed countless times, but by the grace of God, I have remained unshaken. My parents raised me to be strong, to never let anyone take advantage of me, and to trust in God no matter what. I’m a kind person. I smile all the time, I have a soft heart, and I am very easy to get along with because I am agreeable, I’m soft spoken, and literally the most non-confrontational person you’ll ever meet. For these reasons, I am often mistaken as weak. People attempt to take advantage of me, or bully me, and quickly find out that I am a bit more complex then they’d originally thought.

My work reflects who I am in that aspect. The complex personality of my character Carter for instance. She and I are more similar than I care to admit. It wasn’t my intention to do it, but it happened. There are times when she comes off as soft, meek, a little weepy, but if you put a group of the criminal underworlds finest in a room and tell them to raise their hand if they’d mess with her, you won’t be getting any takers on that challenge (lol) I guarantee it.

I am being tested everyone. But have no fear, Patrice (Michelle) is no weakling. I am a master at going with the flow, and I adapt effortlessly when plans have to change abruptly for reasons beyond my control.

With this being said, I ask that you all have mercy on me because for the next few months I have decided to put the Dangerous Beauty series on hold. What I mean by this, is that the series will continue, but there will be no further releases from the series until September 2015. I can’t write my rant about why I have to do this yet, but trust me y’all, once I calm down and can do it in the nicest of ways, I will share my story in truth in hopes that it will help any aspiring author because I refuse to ever be silenced or sign away my right to share my experiences.

Right now, I just ask for your understanding. I will be releasing other works that will most likely be apart of my new series of standalones entitled “Love stories” in the place of the Dangerous Beauty books I wanted to release this summer. Also, I will not be able to release the first two books on paper back until September either. This is a huge blow to me, but like I said, I just have to keep moving forward. Book three though, is available on createspace. (and hopefully will pop up on amazon soon.)

All will be well loves. I promise to do my part to keep you entertained with the stories I write, and DB will return with some back to back releases at the end of the year!

So what do you all think? Tell me in the comments 🙂 !!

20 thoughts on “S-word happens, but I just gotta keep moving forward … (Book news! please forgive me)

  1. One of the things I love about you is your no-drama, stay-in-your-lane stance. If it doesn’t involve you, then mind ya bidness!

    That being said, as a writer, you owe nothing to no one but yourself. I have learned this through careful observation of my writer friends, and your true fans will understand your need to express yourself creatively outside of Dangerous Beauty. I look forward to what you have in store.

    I leave you with this: Do no harm, but take no shit… Love ya 😉

    • Lol, Wise words. I’m too crazy to take anything from anybody girl. I’d be doing our name no justice if I didn’t show folks why its a hug mistake to mess with Patrice Michelle 😉 . The Patrice Michelles of the world are the sweetest, but can easily become the fiercest if anyone dare try to take advantages of us.
      Thank you for the encouragement, ❤

  2. No worries Michelle. You have just given me something to look forward to. I know when the DB series continue they will be awesome and so worth the wait. In the meantime whatever you write and publish I will buy , read, and enjoy. Keep the faith sister. All will work out and you will have an awesome testimony. I know you’ve heard the saying You can’t keep a good woman down so keep on bouncing back up sister.

    • Thank you for you wise and kind words Catherine. It means so much to have everyone’s support. I was really down today but the comments have definitely lifted my spirits. Thank you.

  3. Never give up, we got you….as my mama use to say show them what you working with…..waiting on the next one….show up and show out

    Fan always

  4. Do what you must do. Things happen for reason, you may not see it right now. All will reveal itself in time (God’s time). Until then I need some new people to obsess over.😂 Will be waiting right here for you, when your ready. 💙

  5. Ok sweetie, this lovely creative gift is yours to protect & share as your spirit guides you. Take the time to nourish your soul & feed your spirit. Those of us that appreciate your work will be (impatiently) waiting for whatever works you choose to share. Here’s hoping that everyday is brighter, every hour is happier & every minute is bringing you sustenance and joy.

    • ❤ Thank you so much Annette. I look forward to sharing my imagination with everyone, and I hope you enjoy what is in store for the future of the books that I release. 🙂 Thank you for your kind encouraging words.

  6. Nooooooooooo 💔 not September I am so bummed it’s all your fault for being a great writer 😉 but I truly understand how life happens my only requests is when we get back to DB let the next story be about Kyle or Lucca my favorites 😊😊😊

    • Absolutely they’re my boos too lol. I’m soory it won’t be till September, but I’ll be starting my love stories series till then, you should check it out. The first release will be Loving Kyla. It will be out soon 🙂

  7. Loved loving kyla and ur writing is supreme. I love that ur women are strong and beautiful but vulnerable and ur males are alpha and gorgeous and love the herione. Loved dangerous beauty as well and cant wait for ur next release. Money I dont have but well worth the expense and time ..keep writing and bringing joy to the masses.

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