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Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken

And as promised, here is a snippet!!

(The beginning of Ch. 2 … If you haven’t read Chapter 1 of DB4, here’s the link! )

Click that link and read Chapter 1 of DB 4, because this is the first 400+ words of Chapter 2!!


Revenge, in Kyle’s opinion, was never really something that … particularly helped in every situation. At least not right out of the gate it didn’t. The whole back and forth, you hit me, I strike you back thing was time consuming, and bad for business. Yes, it was true that Kyle had been known to use force every now and then, when necessary of course, but in all honesty, he much preferred taking the necessary time to fully understand an issue before solving it. He believed in talking first, brutality later, and ninety percent of the time that tactic was effective.
It had been almost a year since Nathan had nearly beaten Don Bonaducci to death, and now that the man had fully healed, and was back to fighting shape … it seemed he was coming back for more.
“Don Bonaducci hired the informant.” The ‘Informant’, also known as ‘the nameless man’. It was one of the newest rules at S.O. All informants were to remain nameless if they would be killed after all valuable information was taken from them. “He hired the informant to kill Ricci Marino—”
Ricci Marino. A small time mob boss that Kyle remembered very well. About four years back, the man had begged Nathan, who’d only been the underboss at the time, for protection. Don Bonaducci had been coming for the man’s territory at the time, and he’d asked Nathan to help him scare them off, which he had done. Ricci had aligned with the Salerno family, bought and sold their products in his territory, and paid his taxes on time diligently. The guy had been a great asset … when he’d been alive.
“Sadly, the hit was successful.”
Flipping through the notes he’d taken during his meeting in the basement with the nameless man, Kyle paused for a moment, giving those in the conference room with him some time to process the small amount of information he had just given them.
The long table in the conference room of the Salerno organization building consisted of some of the criminal underworld’s fiercest leaders. At the head sat, of course, Don Nathan “The Russian” Salerno, the fearless, ruthless leader of the Salerno Crime family, one of the most powerful Italian mafia families to ever grace this earth. To his left sat Lucca “Tick” Salerno, the Salerno organization’s vicious, ‘no-nonsense’ Underboss, and directly next to him Kyle sat, rightfully in his position as the third most powerful man in the organization, the highly respected consigliere. Across from them sat two of the few, highly feared, and respected women in the criminal underworld. At the right hand of the Don sat his wife, Corsican mafia boss, Carterina Salerno, and at her side sat the infamous ‘dark beauty’, Davina Delavigne; well-known DelACot assassin and right hand of Carterina Salerno.
Five powerful individuals, seated in one conference room, silently staring at one another as Kyle informed them of the threat of an attack coming their way …

Ooooh …. Intense. LOL. Want more?

Yeah, me too. There will be more snippets leading up to the release guys. Then when Next months release date hits, you all will finally have the full Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken novel. I can’t wait.

Don’t forget to Pre-Order! You have plenty of time.

Talk to you soon! Peace. I love you all ❤ , and thank you all for being so kind and supportive of this series.

7 thoughts on “It available for Pre-Order!!!

  1. Placed my order as soon as I woke up this morning🎉🎉🎉🎉 Can’t wait to read Dangerous Beauty 4 in its entirety.

  2. Michelle,
    Stop letting these crazy folks irritate and aggravate you. I want to read the work of someone who cares about her craft. I love your DB series!!! It is quite evident you love your craft.

    I was hooked on the first page of DB book 1 and a full fledged junkie by the end of the first chapter. If you take a little longer to write your follow up books, so be it. That is fine with me because if you are pleased with your product, I know I will be. You have a proven track record of winners.

    Your so-called followers should remember you are only human. Do your best and your true fans will understand when real life gets in the way. If people don’t understand that you are giving your audience your very best and then some – to heck with them. I say all of this to say, I am proud of you my sister! Stand tall, you are a professional who produces outstanding, authentic, intriguing and powerful work. I applaud you. Brava!! Brava!!

    A loyal fan,

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