I’m so excited to share this short introduction from the first Chapter of DB5 with you all today!

I hope you enjoy ❤

And have a very Merry Christmas.


And now … A special Christmas Snippet from Chapter One of Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty, entitled, The Art Of War …

(This work is Unedited)

Chapter One:

In the American dictionary, the word power was defined as one’s capacity, or ability, to direct and influence the behavior of other individuals, or a course of events.
It was the ability to cause or prevent an action from occurring. To capture a room, a world full of people and work them, manipulate them, mold them into whatever pleased the holder of that power. Into whatever benefited their needs the most.
It was a delicate art, manipulating it. Holding on to it. Defending it. One that took time to master, to perfect in ways that many were just not capable of, and would never be able to comprehend.
It took strength.
And not the type that most possessed. It took brutal, unapologetic, unrestrained strength. One couldn’t be bound by rules, by law, morality, or even concerns for their soul. These things, along with many other values had to be … let go. After all … To have power was one thing, but to know how to use it, and even more, to know how to acquire more of it, well … that was an entirely different talent in its self. A talent … that was not afforded in abundance throughout this place that many called …
The underworld.
The criminal underworld.
A small world full of heathens, criminals, outcasts, degenerates, and, believe it or not, some of the worlds most skilled, and talented scholars …
Kill, or be killed. Eat … or be eaten. Build, or fall. Take … or have nothing.
The words were sung in a chorus of criminal voices every single day, and if one were quiet enough, and focused enough, they may be able to hear it.
Hear the songs of the heathens, the bogeymen, the monsters and beasts that moved amongst them, tearing into the illusion of their civilized societies with a sharp blade covered in the blood of the lives they took every day. If ‘civilized society’ would spend less time turning a deaf ear to the sounds of their imperfect world, perhaps they’d hear the music of freedom, sung by the barbarians rejected by society… Or perhaps the broken one, of the people that were forgotten by it. Forced out of their civilized world and thrust into this one against their will, buried so deeply that they became lost … Forgotten by their families, friends, school teachers, and churches ….
The underworld.
There was power in the underworld … even for the forgotten. There was hope.
A place.
Even … a family.
And all these things, Davina Delavigne had not known, and had only discovered after she’d been so fortunate as to be given a seat at the table of one of its most powerful … or rather not ‘one’ of its most powerful, but the underworlds most powerful individual, period. Her dear friend, and partner …
Carterina Anastasia Salerno.
The most powerful, that was what she was now … or at least what she would be very soon.
Why not? She had all the tools.
She was a master at all things underworld. Manipulating the power that she was graced with with a skilled precision not possessed by many. And she was proficient in moving it, all of that power. Well educated in it’s uses, and an expert in attaining more. More. For that was what it was all about, right? Attaining more of the ever coveted power. It was why friends became enemies. How a former ally, became a nemesis … And how one’s inspiration, one’s champion; someone they once aspired to be could become such an … utterly sad disappointment …
It’d been four days now; four whole days since Davina had first gathered the intelligence that would change the entire landscape of the underworld. Four days since she’d learned the truth, and, if she were calculating time correctly, about four minutes before she would enact the attack that would effectively make her one of the most powerful individuals to ever grace this … world full of heathens with her presence.
Yes… She smiled.
She could already taste the victory on her tongue, and it was so, so sweet.
Davina was going to a party. Not just her, but her family as well; her sisters … Iman. Katya. Catsianna. Isabella. And Carterina.
A party …
One that they’d been personally invited to by, what many called, the worlds most powerful crime boss, Dominique Moreau. A legend. A pioneer of the French connection, and the man that had once inspired each and every one of them to be … great.
To stand out, to be …more than what was expected of them. He was their champion. And now, he was throwing them a party.
A party …
But why? One might ask.
Why was Dominique Moreau throwing six of the criminal underworld most frightening individuals a party?
Perhaps to congratulate them on all of their success?
Davina smiled, shaking her head at her own thoughts.
That wasn’t why.
Or maybe he just wanted to network. Build a few projects together, or pick their brains to see how he could … gentrify his own operation. Update it, and not run his business like it was still 1975.
No … unfortunately that wasn’t it either.
They were headed to a party, one especially planned for them, and it was not one for celebration. It wasn’t meant for networking, nor was the big boss looking for any tips on how to run his business … No. The big Frenchmen, the legend, the myth, the man, was throwing a fucking party. He invited all of his friends, all of his enemies, and all of his associates just so they could witness. Witness what he often called, ‘The balancing’.
The way in which he retained his power, and acquired more all in one night, and tonight, Davina and her sisters were his guests’ of honor.
Tonight, he was going to invite them into his castle … He would wine them. Dine them. And surely tell them their dresses were pretty …
And then he would take them to his ballroom, and slaughter them in front of all of his guests’ …
Normally, it was a simple display of power. One that secured his position as ‘Thee Boss of all Bosses’. And one that soothed his ego, and would keep rising families, like the family Davina and her sisters were building, from rising no more.
It was truly … genius. Fucking brilliant even to chop off the heads of the competition so ruthlessly. No regards from friendship, or loyalty, or honor. No regards for hearts he’d break in the process, of the disappointment he’d cause simply because, there was no time for it.
There was only time for more power. For attaining more power.
It was an incredible plan, ingenious, so damn creative, and had he … had he just had chosen a different six … Davina was almost positive it would have worked …
But the hadn’t.
He’d had to go and chose Davina … And Iman, and Katya, and Cat, and Isa, and … fucking Carter Stone.
Rolling her eyes at the amount of stupidity, Davina shook her head.
How sad.
Perhaps it went to show that an untamed, insatiable lust for power could cripple even the most brilliant of minds if one wasn’t careful.
Too much ambition was not always a good thing, especially if it cost you your life …  A lesson, that Davina’s own mother had taught when she’d been just a child.  A lesson, that sadly, so many misfortunate, pathetic, and pitiful men and women would learn tonight as they suffered horrid, painful, public deaths at the hands of six women, whose only desire tonight was to rain fiery hell on the Moreau empire until it was incinerated, and all that was left was a pile of ashes beneath the bloody remains of its leader …

Written by Michelle Hardin

(C) 2016


As you can see, it’s looking like Carter and her ‘lady warriors’ will be opening up that story with a bang, lol. And for those of you that may not remember, Dominique Moreau was mentioned last in Book three of the DB series. He was the man that Carter and her ladies refused to betray, even after they were offered lovely paintings stacked with cash, lol. Go back to book three’s Epilogue where we first meet Carter’s girls if you’re interested in freshening up on your knowledge of Davina and her ‘sister friends’.

Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty is coming in 2017, so get ready for a wild ride y’all.

You guys are the best. Enjoy the rest of the Holiday’s! I’ll be taking a little break, and will be back to tease you all more with snippets, and spoiler hints about our upcoming releases next year!

See you January 1st!!!!

15 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  1. Thank you Michelle,  I am looking forward to DB5. I love Carter and Nathan. I have read DB1 three times. So re-reading the series will be like a visit with good friends. Oh and don’t get me started on how much I love the kids. I hope that you continue the series when where they are adultsMerry Christmas and Happy New Year Millie Carter

    • Yes!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying the series so far. And heck yes, I’m defiantly hoping we can take this series all the way into the children’s adulthood. That would be so much fun! Thank you for reading, and thank you so much for writing me ❤

  2. Oh my goodness Mz. Michelle, I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I love the beginning, what a bang. I’m now juiced up, I actually just finished reading books 1-3 for the third time, maybe fourth. I just love Carter and Nathan’s love. I laughed so much throughout book 3. I think I’m going to go back and re-read Carter and Silas argument while she was in the bathroom, the killing of Cole and Carter going off on Shadow and Nathan’s thoughts of the ordeal. Wait, I also laughed at his thoughts while they were walking to S. O. Too funny. But wait, I love the scene when they found Nico at the hotel. There interactions while working are phenomenal, as Nathan can’t make a decision. I have to re-read this stuff before rereading Kyle’s book. I seriously can’t wait for DB5. Thank you again for your creativity and hard work.

    • YES! I love ALL of those parts. You post make me so happy, I love that you enjoyed the stories so much. Makes me so excited to continue on with the DB series. I hope you enjoy the future stories just as much. Thank you so much for writing me, and thank you for your love and support of this series!!! ❤

  3. Hi Ms Hardin. Just stopping by to say hello
    and how much I enjoy your novels. Praying that all is well with you and that I’m waiting
    Patiently for the next DB 5. Take care and have a fantastic weekend 💖

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