Happy Holidays!!!


Happy holidays all!
It’s December 23rd, and I hope you all have had as lovely a holiday as I have had thus far. I’ve been working my little fingers to the bone, typing, and baking, and wrapping gifts just so I could be ready to spread the love and appreciation to all the people I adore during this wonderful holiday season.
I will be leaving my first gift to you all, below, all nice and semi-edited for your enjoyment. LOL. It’s a snippet!
As promised, I would love to share with you all the synopsis, and a small snippet from one of the stories that I have been writing for a little bit now. It is the second book in the Love Stories Series (only slightly connected to loving Kyla), and I really hope you all enjoy it!


After celebrating his 29th birthday with a woman he couldn’t stand, New York City corporate lawyer, Cameron Morgan came to the realization that he was unhappy with what his life had become. Though he made a lot of money, he hated his job; he hated the women he dated, and even more than that, he could no longer bare the distance he put between himself and his home town of Heartsburg, Georgia, ten years ago. After a much-needed talk with his sister, he decided it was time for a change, or rather a revert to the life he once loved. Cameron decides to move back home, reconnect with family and friends, and begins to consider settling down. But his quest for peace, and happiness in his beloved home town is brought to a halt when he learns that the reason why he’d left in the first place, has decided that she too, misses the sweet feeling of the Georgia sun …


Ten years ago, at the age of eighteen years old, Georgia Mae Lee made the worst mistake of her life. In effort to protect the future of the man she loved, she left him … Without warning, and without telling him why.

Now, ten years later she’s finally gained the courage to take her life back, but doing so proves to be just as difficult as she knew it would be. Her family, and her ex-husband are all determined to keep her from what she wants … from who she’s always wanted, and the only man she’s ever loved hates her. But in her new-found quest for independence. Georgia is determined to change that. With nothing but the clothes on her back, Georgia comes back home to Heartsburg with only two goals in mind, putting the pieces of her life back together, and winning back the man she’s loved since she was eleven years old. But when his reluctance to trust her again proves to be just as fierce as the desire her father has to keep them apart, Georgia fears having Cameron back is no longer something that is possible after so many years of built up resentment …


“Why are you here, Georgia?”

“I told you why,” Georgia replied, trying her best to keep her voice light, and her expression neutral. It was the only way she could keep everything she wanted to say to him from showing on her face. “I’ve missed you, Cameron …”

That unreadable expression on his face when she said the words again came back in an instant, but this time Georgia didn’t let it affect her. She kept her voice steady, even as she willed herself to keep moving forward.

Don’t lie. Don’t hold anything back. Tell him the truth. Even if it scares you.

“Are you honestly content with us walking around town like we don’t even know each other?” she asked truthfully.

Because that was what they’d been doing. Not saying a word to one another, even when she’d acknowledged him the other day, he’d hadn’t said a word to her.

Seeming to find her words amusing for some reason, Cameron chuckled, lowering his head as he focused on cutting more slates of wood.

He’d measure it, cut off the excess, take the slate he needed, then discard the rest in a stack to the left of him on his large porch.

“I’ve only seen you once since you came back, Georgia …”

Georgia looked up when he’d spoken again, realizing her eyes had once again locked to his naked chest.

God, what was wrong with her? She couldn’t focus while he was over there, half naked like that. Skin all bare, body all … muscled, and glistening in the sun. Plus, his honey blond hair was sticking to his forehead, and she loved that. His eyes, dark blue, and so intense as he focused on his task. And that five o’clock shadow covering his face, giving him a ruggedly handsome look that Georgia was finding very, very sexy at the moment …

Dear, God … She was just … horrible today.

Focus on the task at hand Georgia!

“If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quite busy remodeling a house, and starting up my firm. I don’t have time to catch up with old friends.”

“Is that what we are, Cameron?” Georgia took a step forward, inching closer to the edge of the stairs leading up to where he stood. “Old friends?”

“Old friends …” he repeated with a nod, then he took  the pencil from behind his ear as he casually continued to measure each slate. “Why are you here, Georgia?”

It was the third time he’d asked her the question, and because she wasn’t interested in answering it again, she ignored it.

“This is a beautiful home,” she smiled, giving the stairs in front of her foot a light kick. “It looks like you …”

“It’s a piece of shit,” he muttered, never lifting his eyes.

Georgia laughed softly. “It’s your dream,” she reminded him. “Fixing up a piece of shit, and making a home—”

“It was our dream, Georgia,” he cut her off, lifting those ridiculously intense blue eyes, and locking them, hard, to hers. “Ours … Remember?”

Georgia paused. Only for a moment as she forced her eyes to remain were they were. She would not break, not cower back just because that famous ‘Cameron Morgan fire’ was burning so fiercely as he looked at her. He didn’t hide anything, not his anger, not his resentment, not even that lingering bit of stubborn desire she’d noticed when he’d looked at her the day before. He hid nothing. That was who Cameron was. It was who he’d always been. His honesty was … intimidating, Georgia could admit that. But even still, she refuse to look away from it.

This was a dream they’d once shared with one another. Yes, it was still fresh in her mind. And, yes, the memory was just as sweet for her, as it was painful.

He shrugged. “Now, it’s just my dream …”

The words, though simple, sliced through her heart like a razor edge of a sharp blade, and even though she’d tried with everything in her, she hadn’t been able to hide the torture they had caused her.

She knew the moment he’d saw it in her eyes, too, because he looked away from her. Lowered his eyes back to his task, as he continued his failing attempt at convincing her that he didn’t give a shit.

Georgia wasn’t fooled. He cared. He had to care … If he didn’t, he would have told her to leave the moment she’d showed up at his home unannounced …


This story is still Untitled because, even now after spending so much time writing it, the title hasn’t come to me yet. But it will come, and when it does, I’ll shout it from the roof tops. lol.


I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas eve snippet. See you all tomorrow! *Waves*

I’m looking forward to spreading a bit of Holiday cheer Dangerous Beauty style. 😉


14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!!

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I loved it. I can hardly wait to read the full story. I can’t wait until tomorrow😁😁😁😁. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Years to you and your family too💝💝💝💝💝

  2. It seems like it will be nice. Just hope she is not one if those weak women that will let him dog and disrespect her. I enjoy your books because your heroines are strong.

    • It’s a story about a young woman that has finally found her voice, who finally has the courage to face her mistakes, and take her life back. Like all of my heroines, her story is very complex, and she is growing, and learning, as is my hero. He is the stubborn ‘bad boy type’ that needs to learn how to get out of his own way, and let himself be happy. This story is all about forgiveness, personal growth, and love, of course. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 ! Plus, my heroes are never the type to dog and disrespect a woman 😉 . So no worries of that happening! There will be heat, there will be comedy, and there will be drama, of course. And I hope you check it out once it’s released! ❤ Thank you for commenting!!!

  3. I love it. Your snippet has me intrigued and wanting more. I cannot wait to read the full story .

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love your books.

    Jaxx .

  4. Merry Christmas

    Thanks for the wonderful snippet, totally unexpected this holiday morning.

    Loved it and and can’t wait for the full story to be released

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