News… Update. = )

For those of you that predicted Dangerous Beauty Five would be a 2018 release. You were right.

I’m so sorry you all. This has been a truly life changing year for me and writing hasn’t been the easiest. I can’t release a book that I don’t feel has been given my best. I’ve said this before, I know, but I’ll say it again because it’s still true. I will always give you all my best, nothing less. I’m not ready to release, so, I’m not going to.

For those of you who dislike me because of this, I understand. But for those of you that are always supportive and have been with me through the good, and bad times of my career, you are the ones I feel deserve my most sincerest apologies. You all have been there for me through so much, and I hate disappointing you. I take so long to get these stories out, i know, but I promise to do my best in ensuring that DB5, 6, and so on will be worth the wait.

I love you guys, and I’m sorry to come on here with this bad news. It seems to be becoming a thing for me. Silence, then I come on with bad news.

But that is about to change. Now for some good news. Starting next week I will be posting on this blog weekly (once per week starting out. We’ll do more once I get used to it). In these post I will be discussing hot topics in the reading world, gossip, upcoming works, having giveaways, and giving a few teasers here and there from books I am writing.

I’m excited! It’s gonna be fun.

The blog is called, Random Ramblings of a crazy Romance Author. Because I’m crazy (seriously lol) and, well, I’m a romance author.

So what do you think?! Tell me in the comments. If you’re down subscribe to the blog, also the newsletter. I’ll be sending some of those out too.

Alright, that’s all for today folks. Talk to ya next week!

Peace, and Love.

21 thoughts on “News… Update. = )

  1. I can’t wait happy dance!! I’m glad your not one to just throw something out there just to say you have a book out. Take your time and bring out your gift.

  2. Thanks for the update! Think the blog sounds great and I’ll definitely be reading it. Take your time with books. I completely understand life happens.

  3. I will be patiently awaiting a release i underatand it take time to be great which you are so i will just be stalking your blog and facebook page until then lol !!! (but so true)

  4. That’s cool with me Michelle… I’m a patient person and I will wait for your books… and I like the idea of weekly updates and etc. ☺

  5. When it’s ready it’s ready. Regroup and when you feel it write like the mad hatter. Can’t wait to see what the blog is about.

  6. You have my support and my money whenever you’re ready. Take your time and write at your leisure and at your best! Blessings to you always.

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Hope all is going well. You know I’m a fan and will continue to be one. This new chapter in your life sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to be a part of it. Sorry about the late post…..

  8. Michelle,
    I appreciate you giving us your fans updates on where your books stand regarding release dates. I enjoy your books very much and I will continue to support you. Things happen, that’s a part of life. Hang in there and keep pushing forward you have so many loyal fans in your corner, myself included. Wishing you the best always. God Bless.

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