A Rambling Dangerous Beauty update!

I have not disappeared!

I am here people. Everyday, writing this hard a** story (lol). But yeah, not really hard, just difficult to arrange as of now. But it’s coming along. I have not ended my writing career, there will be a Dangerous Beauty 5 and 6 and so on as long as these characters keep talking to me.

So for the update. I’m still writing, but it’s taking me a long time, I know. Last year was a doozy health wise, so we didn’t get a book. And in the last three months I had two surgeries, and I am having ONE more (yay! Last one) in a few days. I will admittedly be taking a breather from writing for recovery purposes, but then I’m right back at it! I’m getting surgery on my right arm, and I’ve been practicing typing with one hand, so I’ll be good.

I’m ready!

Anyway, I hope all of this make sense, I’m sort of rambling so I don’t know if you’ll get it. But if you did, know that I am around, I am writing, it’s just taking some time to get all that I want in this story, in this story, you know?

Of course you know!

Don’t be mad at me. Love me! I love you, and I will keep you all updated as we continue to move forward.

Keep me in your prayers.


11 thoughts on “A Rambling Dangerous Beauty update!

  1. Thank you for your update. We fans LOVE you and your writings. Continue to take care of yourself we will gladly wait for this great series and for you to be healthy.Millie

  2. Take care of yourself. Praying for you and a speedy recovery. Your books are always worth the wait , so take your time and go on and write this can’t put down novel. Praying for Swift one hand typing.

  3. As much as I really need the next book(s) to add to my collection because I’m addicted, please take as much time as needed. Your health is more important. I wish you a speedy recovery and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Hi Michelle. Take all the time you need and I pray for your surgery To go well. I’m still your loyal fan. I know your work speaks volume. God bless…Mimie

  5. Hi michelle, I am so glad you had time to write to let us know an explain what is going on.I be looking forward to ready more of your books. Just take care of your health frist. i am sure once you get heal You will have that book out in no time.My family an my friends love your books an we are all looking forward in reading that next book.I believe is going to be hot once your mind is clear an in less pain. I always tell my children the devil is always busy trying to destroy the only happiest we love an enjoy the most.Do let him win .I know you’re a fighter by just reading your books.I will be praying for you an your family. Take care

  6. I love love love your books but i need you to behealthy to write them so take your time we who love you will be here waiting:)

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