#DB5 news: Readers want a Snippet!! (LOL)

Hey guys!

I know its been a while, and I miss you all bunches, but I’ve been working. Both DB 5 and DB 6 are speaking to me simultaneously, so (while giving DB5 most of my time) I’ve been writing both.

Today I just wanted to stop in and say hey. Still no release date, but a lovely update, and that is I’ve reached the ending of the book, and the final stage of editing will begin soon!

I’m also here because a fan of the series that I just adore asked for a snippet! I usually don’t do these unless I’m asked to because most folks are just interested in the release. But I’ll give you sneak peeks if you want it, its all good to me!

So without further ado, here is a snippet of the beginning of one of my favorite scenes from Dangerous Beauty Part Five: Dark Beauty!

Snippet (Unedited)

After such a long night, Lucca was on his way back to the office before heading home, feeling as if he accomplished many good things for the evening, and wanting nothing more than to get some sleep.

He closed his eyes at the image of his bed appearing in his mind.

Damn, he was tired.

It was funny how everyone else’s day ended at five o’clock, and Lucca’s ended five fucking hours later. He still had to go back to the office to grab his shit before going home, and the simplest of tasks made going home to his bed seem years away.

It took a decent amount of time to make it back to the office, and Lucca guessed he had appreciated the efficiency. He wasn’t one for time wasting; it always made him feel as if he were going to explode with vicious, homicidal anger …

But, yes, he appreciated the efficiency of his team.

Upon pulling up to the drop off point, Lucca and his team were met with a line of three SUV’s, and men lining the side walk, as if waiting for royalty to get out of the front car.

Lucca frowned.

So, he wasn’t the only one working late. Interesting…

It was the French, he could tell that much. The French always stood so … straight… completely still with little to no expressions on their faces, whereas the Italian men would have a colorful display of watchful facial expressions and movements. They were a barbaric bunch…vicious. And, don’t get Lucca wrong, the French were quite the vicious bunch, too. They just went about things in a more … orderly fashion. Lucca didn’t know how they did it. Back when he was a soldier, he much enjoyed being the monster of the bunch …


The sound of his driver’s voice pulled him from his thoughts.

“You want to go through the garage? Less people …”

“No,” Lucca answered immediately.

He was interested in seeing which one of the women were out this late, and what they’d been up to.

Just as he’d thought, when the doors opened Davina Delavigne stepped out of the car looking very serious, and so far beyond fucking good.

Mmm…Lucca just went from tired to fully awake. That quick.

Clearing his throat, Lucca reached forward and hit his driver’s seat, “Block the entrance,” he commanded.

Immediately, his men began to empty their cars, lining the sidewalk from his door to the entrance of the S.O. building.

Lucca sat back, watching quietly from his car, wanting desperately to see her reaction to the blocking of her path. She was so stunning, even dressed in her ‘would be’ average work attire had it not been on her perfect body. A crisp, light blue button down tucked so smoothly into her curve smoldering pencil skirt. He allowed his gaze to take in the sight of her long, curvy body. Her long, smooth, dark brown legs, all the way down to the black pumps covering her gorgeous feet.

She walked up to the door as if it weren’t being blocked, then stopped when she reached the soldiers blocking her path.

Lucca smirked.

Her mouth moved, but Lucca couldn’t hear a word. It wasn’t until he saw the guard flinch as Davina took out his ear piece and put it to her own ear, that Lucca bit his bottom lip to hold back a smile.

Damn, she was sexy.

“Lucca …”

His name passing through her lips was pure nirvana.

“Get out of the car.”

So bossy. So much fire. Lucca couldn’t get enough.

“Get out of the car … now.”

Lucca sucked in a breath through his teeth. She’d said that last word with so much promise. Yes, the promise was a violent one, but it was a promise nonetheless, and damn was it sexy.

“But, it’s late, bella,” Lucca replied, cocking his head to the side when she looked in his direction.

Her perfect brow arched sternly. “And?”

He smiled. “And …” he shrugged, “it’s dark…”

He was messing with her, but only because he loved to push her delicate buttons. She would probably kick the ass of anyone else that did this to her, but not Lucca’s simply because she adored him. She didn’t have to say it for him to know it, either.

“What are you doing out?” he asked her.

“What the fuck does it matter, Lucca?” she snapped.

And Lucca chuckled deeply. God, he loved this woman.

“Get your Italian ass out of the fucking car, before I kill everybody out here.”

“Mmm …” Such charm…

The fact that the men all began to look around at each other was all Lucca could take. He laughed. They were so afraid of her—as they should be. Nobody really knew the depths of what Davina Delavigne was capable of, and that included Lucca. So, it was understandable that they were uninterested in fucking with her the way Lucca was.

Fixing his suit jacket, Lucca signaled for his door to be opened. It was opened promptly. He supposed he was done playing with her…out here at least.

He locked eyes with her immediately upon seeing her stance straighten as she glared in his direction.

“Hi, baby,” he greeted, a crooked smile on his lips.

Davina was…unmoved, just as Lucca expected her to be. She loved to act as if his charm did nothing to her right before she melted in his hands.

Lucca loved it to.

“Why are you such a jackass?”


Offended, Lucca closed the door as he went about releasing the three top buttons of his shirt. “What did I do?”

He knew what he did, he was just fucking around because he enjoyed it.

“You insist on fucking around all the time …


“It’s too late for this shit.”

“What, bella,” he put his hands up as if his actions were innocent. “I wanted to walk with you. And, you were walking too fast. I kindly asked my men to stand in front of the door just so I could catch up.”

“Move!” she shouted, immediately getting what she wanted from the soldiers. She looked back at Lucca. “You want to walk with me?” she asked, right before she began to move. “Then, you better keep up, Salerno.”

And scene!

Well not really, but thats all you’re getting today.

Anyway, back to work now (ALLDAY). Lets see how fast I can get this done so we can read the book, shall we.

Love you guys, always!


22 thoughts on “#DB5 news: Readers want a Snippet!! (LOL)

  1. On the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting DB5 that sneak peek just gave me my whole life. I know it won’t disappoint.

  2. Wow I can’t wait to read this book. Thank you for sharing it with with me after book 5 comes out how long for when you bring out book 6

  3. Absofuckinglutely yummy! I love this series. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us and the sneak peek!! Happy writing!

  4. What a way to start my day, this snippet was right on point. Luca, Luca, Luca, he and Davina story is going to be the is Awesome!!

  5. Hi Michelle,
    How are you? Now you have my mouth 👄👄 watering. I can hardly wait for DB5. I’ll wait forever for this one💖💖💖💖💖

  6. Good evening ,How are you? You got me LOL
    DB5 is going to be a good book. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone else especially the children😁

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