Readers want another snippet!!

Hello all,

There has been another request for a snippet, and what kind of author would I be if I did not oblige. A mean one, that’s what kind. So here I am again with another snippet from DB5 for you all to enjoy before the release!

Now the snippet has only been through one round of edits, so go easy on me lol.

So without further ado, here is another snippet from Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty. I call it, the other man after Davina’s affections.


It had been a massacre, their trip. One for the books.

But, that was over now. They’d traveled back to the city, gotten off the luxurious jet, and now, it was time to get back to business as usual … well, after a bit of sleep, of course.

New York City was far more peaceful than people thought; especially at night. Riding in a car. Staring out of the windows. Even the lights were calming, beautiful, and fast. They passed by in a blur as Davina’s driver made his way through the streets.

“Are we going home, Miss?” her driver asked.

Davina stared out of the window.

She’d gone to Carter’s home before making her way back to the city. She hadn’t felt like silence nor solitude. There was noise at Carter’s house: children running and greeting you with their perfect smiles; hugging and cuddling you as if they hadn’t seen you in years. It was a…dream in Davina’s world…a reality she’d never seen before until she’d entered a world different from the one she’d grown up in. It often made her hesitant to go home. Normally, after that, she went to the office, refusing to go to her lonely, quiet apartment for fear that she’d slip into some sort of hideous pity party about not having a family of her own.

It was sad in the most annoying way possible. But, what could she do about it? This was just the way things were, the way they would be.

“Yes. Take me home.”

It had been a long flight—and an even longer weekend—and home didn’t sound too bad after all of that. A bit of alone time for a nice relaxing bath sounded like a luxury too far from reach.

God, Davina loved her bath.

Such modern luxuries hadn’t been afforded to her in her past life. Don’t get her wrong, she had luxuries, but less modern, and more … medieval. Her bath tub growing up had been the size of a small swimming pool in a stunning stone room filled with flowers. Davina remembered the smell of hot, natural oils made by the civilians of the DelACot society. She had many of the oils sent to her till this day. Just a memory of the one good thing about her home …

Well, the bath oils, her mother, and a few others of course.

Fuck the rest of the society.

It wasn’t long, the ride to her apartment, and Davina had wasted no time getting out of the car and into her building.

Of course, she greeted her men and the doorman. They all politely welcomed her home after her long trip. Davina almost believed they cared…believed they truly wanted to see her.

They didn’t.

She was called what she was called for a reason. Social with humans other than her sisters—and a few other human males— she was not …

But then, there were those insistent people who pushed themselves on her. Made her be unpleasant to them. One such creature was walking up to her right now.


“Hold the elevator, beautiful,” he called out casually as if they were … casual acquaintances.

They weren’t.

But, because she was feeling nice, and she had little energy to be anything else, Davina held the elevator.

Claud lived in the building, a few floors below her top floor penthouse. Davina hated it. He was too close to her, and then, there was the issue of his crush.

He was taking too long.

She watched as he gave instruction to the night guard, and it was beginning to piss her off. Not because he was doing his job, but because he was taking up her time by asking her to wait.

She was about five seconds from letting the elevator doors close when he turned around and came running.

“Sorry about that, V.”

Only her friends called her V. Why didn’t she correct him? Perhaps she was too tired to do that, too.

“You were taking up too much of my time,” Davina said as she pressed the elevator closed. “I almost left you.”

“But, you didn’t,” he replied, as if her waiting for him meant something more than her just being kind.

It didn’t.

“I wanted to see you to your apartment.”

“Why?” she asked, considering the man’s eyes.

She hated the way he stared at her. Like he was hungry. It wasn’t gentlemanly to be so open about one’s desires … that is unless such brazen behavior was welcomed by the woman.

Davina didn’t welcome it.

“Do you think I can’t find my own apartment, Claud?”

She looked away from him after asking the question, finding the floor numbers changing more interesting than their conversation.

“I’m quite capable.”

“I’m aware of that,” he chuckled. “You are a woman capable of many things. I would never assume any different.”

“Then, why see me home?”

“To be a gentleman, of course.”

Davina rolled her eyes, and looked over to the man. “Claud,” she said dryly.

Once again, he chuckled, giving her an innocent shrug.

“That gentleman shit is important to you right?”

Yes. Yes, it was.

“But, you are not a gentleman.”

Claud’s mouth dropped. “I am the perfect example of the French gentleman.”

“Then, the French gentleman isn’t worth shit,” she shrugged. “You can’t even properly hide your intensifying desire to fuck me.”

Her words seemed to amuse him greatly. His laughter was uproarious as if he couldn’t believe she’d said it, but Davina had no idea why. She’d said worse to the man before.

“I may not be the best at hiding my desire for you,” he motioned toward her. “You’re beautiful…smart, dangerous, and powerful; everything a man could want.” He shrugged. “How do you expect me to resist that …”

“I don’t,” she answered honestly.

She wasn’t stupid. She realized the effect she had on men, and Claud wasn’t the only man to ever look at her in such a way. He was just the only one dumb enough to pursue her because of his desire.

Davina had no clue why.

It was public knowledge why men should, in fact, keep their distance from Davina Delavigne.

A certain lunatic had a crush.

Davina fought the smile that threatened to spread across her lips at the thought of the … lunatic with everything she had. No. She would not let him make her smile.


“But, I do respect you.”

Blinking from her thoughts, Davina looked to Claud, confused to what he was talking about. She didn’t ask him to explain; she didn’t have the energy too.

“Do you?” she asked, quirking a brow in tiny flirtation.

Claud nodded, a smirk appearing on his face. “I do.”

Davina nodded her head up and down. He does. Really?

She called bullshit.

“Okay,” she considered his eyes, trying her best to mimic the way he looked at her. “Then, tell me. What do you expect to happen if I allow you to see me to my apartment tonight?”

He didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. The heat in his dark blue gaze grew even hotter in response to Davina’s stare. It was surprising to Davina that she could gauge such a reaction. She didn’t do this ever, so she had no idea what the fuck she was doing. She was only teasing.

Because she was having so much fun, she decided to take it up a notch. She reached over to the key pad, and keyed in her top floor code.

Claud’s eyes widened slightly as he took a step back. “Davina,” he said, a bit breathlessly.

It almost made Davina laugh.

She was horrible for this. Such faux flirtation was dangerous … for him, not Davina. She should stop, but dammit, she really did have a flare for causing trouble.

The ride up to her floor was slow and quiet. Claud never took his eyes off her. He just stood, staring, and periodically adjusting the bulge now very visible in his pants.

Davina silently wondered if this was always what it was like for young, carefree singles and their one-night stands. Awkward silences, visible erections, hungry stares.

It was boring to Davina.

Eventually, the doors opened, revealing Davina’s apartment, and yes, they just stood.

He was waiting for her to make the first move, but all Davina could do was smile.

“You’re out of your mind.”

He nodded. “Yes … I am. For you, I am.”

Davina chuckled. Oh my God.

Claud,” she motioned toward him. “He’ll kill you.”

Claud shrugged. “We’ll straighten him out … together.”

And that was that. Davina had had her fun for the night.

“Goodnight, Claud.”

She walked out, not even glancing back, knowing that that man knew that if he followed her into her home, she’d kill him dead. She didn’t have to worry about Claud. He was just a man with a dangerous crush on a woman that had already been claimed by a deranged psychopath …


There it is, a whole chapter for you guys. I’m gonna take some time off of social media to finish this book, and when I come back, I’m coming back with good news.

Love you guys!

7 thoughts on “Readers want another snippet!!

  1. Thank you!!!! Loved the excerpt.. I’m excited for this to come out so I can read it.. I so want to read Lucca’s response to someone having a crush on Davina also

  2. Hi Michelle..How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and your family…I was just wondering if there was any news about DB5?

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