Dangerous Beauty

I already mentioned that I was an author and that my first novel is being published but I have yet to talk about my work, my baby, Dangerous Beauty. Dangerous Beauty is my first novel and the first part of a three part series.
I didn’t know the title of this novel until I was nearly finished writing it. I didn’t even know what type of story I would tell until I started writing. I began writing a completely different story than I ended up writing and now that I look back on it it’s kind of funny. I went through all the changes that I find normal for a first time author. I began writing a completely different story, then I scrapped it and started over when I got a better idea. I didn’t write the prologue until I was on the third chapter of the book. Then I wrote a new prologue and made the old prologue chapter 1. IT was an awesome experience letting my imagination run free, trying to capture the characters emotions, trying to maintain each characters personality throughout the book. I found it all easier than I expected. Not easy, but easier than I expected.
Anyways, I’m sure you want to know what My novel is about. I spent time doing tons of research on this subject then I let my imagination run free (The perks of writing fiction).

Dangerous Beauty is a Romance. It tells the love story of a Mafia Boss’s son an a Hit-man’s Daughter. It is quite a wild ride if I say so myself. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope readers have a lot of fun reading it.
My hope is that I am able to get emotional responses from those who read this novel. I hope the reader laughs when they are supposed to laugh, cry when they are supposed to cry, are shocked when they are supposed to be shocked. My other hope is that this novel be a success! That would be a dream come true. : )
I am currently working on Part 2 of the book and I would like to take those who read my blog on the journey with me. I am nearly finished dreaming the book now all I have to do is get my writing to catch up with my imagination. : )
This week I will be focusing on writing Part 2 of Dangerous Beauty. I am on chapter 5 and I don’t even know how many chapters will be in this book, I guess we will see wish me luck and I will update on my progress and thoughts in a couple of days. : )
Song that I am listening to while I write today : )

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