OMG! Where have you been?

The answer is simple…I’ve been doin’ my thang, aka WRITING! Ok my bad I didn’t mean to yell. Actually I finally got Dangerous Beauty Part 2 finished and now I’m waiting to see if the publishers like it. (If you are reading this imagine I am reading to you with a French accent…Why? I don’t why…)
Anyway, I started writing Dangerous Beauty Part 3 and I’m loving it so far. This stuff just keeps getting better and better. I hope with all my hope that others like my little creation. I personally think Dangerous Beauty is a fun, exciting, funny, interesting, and an original view on life and love in the criminal underworld. I personally have never seen it portrayed the way I have written it. When I wrote this novel I took a little fact, a little history, and then a fat chunk of my imagination to make it into a story that I’ve never read before. So yea…that’s what’s happening with my published baby Dangerous beauty. I’m just sitting back hoping to get Part 2 and 3 published by the same publisher.
In other book news…I wrote a full length novel in November called Loving Kyla. It is complete, but in serious need of some revisions and editing. I LOVE “Loving Kyla”. It is such a beautiful, heart string pulling story of two best friends in love. I want to get it all revised and edited, and then I’ll figure out where to take it from there. I have begun writing the Young adult paranormal Romance. I will tile it “Aazora “Queen of the Guardian Race” Book 1″. I am excited about this book, and I already know exactly where I’m sending it. I have also begun another book idea, but this is just one I write in my free time (which is rare). It is a Young Adult Romance, about a young girl dealing with both relationship and friendship issues. I love where my dreams are going for this book and I have high hopes.
Antyways…When I’m not writing, I’m trying to find myself…Figure out my place in this world, and so far…I still have no idea. But I’m happy! And I’m having fun trying new things!
IDK, I guess we’ll just see… Read and Follow my blog so you won’t miss anything. Dangerous Beauty has a cover now, hoping to post it and the synopsis soon!
In other News I’ve been doing stuff to my website here and there…to be honest I’m still getting the hang of this whole website social media thing. I’m not your average 24 year old technology junkie so I have no idea what I’m doing….I don’t even have a cell phone…Which is sad. I need to fix that quick.
Anyways…Love ya doves!

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