(Spoiler alert!!! Dont read this post if you haven’t read the story!)

More random Character talk…
Summary of what we know so far about Anastacia Stone…

I didn’t talk about her because I was *clears throat uncomfortably* afraid…
But aren’t we all a little hesitant to think about what this woman has in store for us in Book two! I can’t stop biting my nails! I’m totally freaking out!
Ok, let me calm down…
*takes deep calming breaths*
Okay its time for us to talk about the woman, the myth, the legend…Anastacia Stone. She’s been called Ana. She’s been called Stacia. And she’s even been called Mama Pope (LOL)…
I just call her crazy…But in a fun way.
Anastacia Stone surprised us all by popping up (out of nowhere) in the story searching for her baby!
Yes, people. Anastacia was on the war path because she was under the impression that her baby girl was killed that horrible night along with her father (Robert Steele aka Spook Steele).
We first hear about Anastcia when Carter blurts out her name in a fit of rage during her epic Girl Fight. This creates some brief tension between Carter and Nathan because Nathan was under the impression that Carter didn’t know who her mother was. Well, that was only half true. It was true that Carter didn’t know her mother. But then it wasn’t true because Carter knew OF her mother…
Anastcia Stone.
We learn what little Carter knows about the mysterious woman in the chapter titled Pasta & Anastacia. In this chapter Carter talks about the what her father shared with her about the woman, which is not much, but enough to get us started. We learn that Carter has an eerie resemblance to her mother. One that sometimes puts her father on edge and sent her nanny running for the hills. Not only does she share features with her mother but she shares an…interesting fascination with knives. They both have an eidetic memory as well as temper that can cause the strongest of men to take a few steps back 😉 . We go through how Carter and her father had a final blow out about her mother that caused her to never speak of the woman again and them we here no more of her until New York City.
In New York City we find out that Anastacia Stone has…a few enemies. IT was obvious that the woman pissed off the Boss of the Salerno Crime family some years ago, because as soon as his men saw a woman resembling Anastacia they went off. Thankfully Carter was protected by some homies, but that was a close one. A little bit of a shock to the system for our once sheltered Carterina Stone. She didn’t really know how to handle it so her emotions were pretty much everywhere.
That leads us the Angelo Salerno walking into Kyle’s office seeing a younger version of a woman he once knew…It is not said how long it has been since anyone in New York has laid eyes on Anastacia Stone, but let’s assume it’s been a while 😉 . Carter is young, and her mother is twice her age…so yea…I’m sure its been some time (LOL).
So yes! That’s when Angelo sheds some light on who this Anastacia woman is! I don’t know about y’all but that is one of my favorite parts of the story. Anastacia fascinates me. It’s going to be fun exploring her character more in Book two of Dangerous Beauty.
So let’s move forward. After we learn Anastacia’s story the scene flips to our culprit who shall not be named. After his little fit, he comes in contact with who he THINKS is Carterina Stone. The person in front of him makes it hilariously clear that he’s an idiot. Its one of the psych your mind moments when you think you’re seeing one thing but you’re actually seeing something else. Something that you didn’t expect to see in a million years. Shock clouds your vision and causes you to slip into a state of insanity. That’s what happened to our dear friend in the chapter titled Gasp!
Words were exchanged and it was made very clear at that point that Anastacia Stone was there for her daughter. Anastacia then threatens Mitchell and calls three of Angelo’s men to get her out of to get her out of the building undetected.
Anastacia Stone never ceases to surprise me, and I’m the one writing it.
So after this the story moves in four months. Long story short, Andrew Reeves comes forward to warn them that Mitchell is crazy (I love that part). Carter is overwhelmed by the news of her mother’s sudden appearance, and decides to leave early. When she leaves with her friend and body guard Gianni (Who we met earlier in the story after they got off of the plane) the elevator goes to the 27th floor instead of the first. Carter and Gianni are attacked, Nathan’s is call to come to her, and Anastacia Stone ends up saving them both. So much happened so fast. We end part one, beginning part two. Who was responsible for the death of Carter’s father was revealed and handled, and now part two begins.
Anastacia kills Mitchell like promised then goes to her daughter. A completely out of it Carter calls her mother “mommy” repeatedly while Anastacia coos to her injured baby girl.
Lets end the summary there. Now we know we still have some ways to go in this series. So I want to here from you all.
Why do you think Anastacia has made a sudden appearance? How do you think Carterina, will deal with the prescense of her estranged mother? How do you think everyone will react to the appearance of the legendary Anastacia Stone?

7 thoughts on “(Spoiler alert!!! Dont read this post if you haven’t read the story!)

  1. I think after the initial shock and genuine happiness of seeing her mother wears off, Carter will harbor some animosity towards her and bombard her with lots of questions and accusations. But once Anastacia explains her side of the story, they will band together and become a force to be reckoned with-kickin ass and takin names. Can’t wait!

  2. What really puzzled me is how are some of Angelo’s men helping Anastasia? I also think Carter will be a little guarded around her mom but I just hope she truly have good intentions when it comes to Carter because I am on the fence with that one. I am forever side eyeing her relationship with Angelo….

  3. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Okay so I don’t think Carter will think that’s her mom right off the back. At the end of the book, Carter looks like she is going to have some memory loss. She still thinks she lives at hope beach and is married to Kyle. So she only knows what her father has told her up till that point. She didn’t see a picture of her mother until she met Angelo. So everything that has happened including possibly meeting Nathan did not happen. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. I really want to know Angelo and Ana history. Also there has to be some boundaries set with Carter and Kyle. I am always side eyeing her relationship with Nathan and Kyle.

  4. Anastacia Stone… Anastacia, Anastacia, Anastacia! She is such a mystery.. here I thought, stone cold killer, gave her baby to Spook and that was it. But here she comes, talking about my “baby”…. I think there is a lot more to her side of the story and that loves Carter. I am a little worried though, I hope this is not a spoiler.. Anya was kiled like she was slides up my knives.. I’m praying it wasn’t her. Or maybe she was set up?

  5. Omg Patty you are making a lot of sense I think Angelo is in on his wife death also so many questions to be answered

  6. I think her presence will cause some obvious tension among the older men. It’s clear that she had some deeper relationships with at least two of the men. But Caterina they will do anything so if she wants a mother they’ll give it to her. The real question should be what is Anastasia ‘ s boss going to do when he finds out about Carter?

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