Writers Block Sucks (and a not so exciting update…)

I need to focus on my writing today. I need to get back in the zone and shake off some negative energy :). I’m working on Dangerous Beauty Part three. Had a bit of a block in my creativity but I’m hoping to get it together soon. I still can’t wait until the release of Dangerous Beauty Part two (specific date still not known, but I’m REALLY hoping to know soon). Seeing reader reactions and reviews for the story helps me write (even the bad reviews…well some of them lol). But not yet, the story is still going through editing, which is okay with me. I want what I’m sure every author wants, to make sure the story is judged on the story and story alone, not the editing or any other newbie author issues I suffered from last year. Hopefully I achieve that this time around. I think I will, but we’ll see. Anyway, back to my writers block…Well I don’t really know if I can call it that, but I couldn’t really get my creative juices flowing last night. Hopefully I get back on track. Since book three is the last part of Carter’s and Nathan’s story (*tears*)I have a feeling it will be the longest. I keep getting new ideas and I want to keep them all. After I finish writing DB3 I will be turning my focus to Loving Kyla. If you haven’t read the two chapter teaser, please check it out. I started writing it last year, and it is still unedited but I REALLY love that story. I only have the first part done, but I know what I want for the second part of that story all I have to do is write it. After loving Kyla, I hope to have a dream for Kyle Valente’s story. I don’t yet, but it’ll come.

As soon as I get the edits back from Dangerous beauty as well as a release date for the book I will shout it from the roof top and start putting up pictures and teasers galore-ish lol I don’t want to give away too much. But yes, Let us all hope and pray that those edits pop up soon so we can get this show on the road! I’m all antsy, the wait is killing me!

On a fangirl note, I keep reading about the upcoming IR cruise. I’m so jealous of those that are going. Pepper freaking Pace is going to be there! I so hope they have it again next year and she is there, if they do, and she is, I am sooooo there! I LOVE Pepper Pace!

Ok all done with that moment…

Quick add in, my birthday is next Saturday. I’ll be 25! Twenty-freakin-five! I can’t believe it. I don’t feel twenty-five, but then again how the hell does a person feel 25? *shrugs* I have no idea. All I know is that 24 was a pretty cool year. I have a new career, a new passion, and I’ve made a bunch of new friends. So I’m good. I’m ready to see what 25 has for me.

Talk to you guys soon! I want to do another Character post for the new characters in Book two. Hoping to do that today or tomorrow 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writers Block Sucks (and a not so exciting update…)

  1. Same name and same zodiac? That’s really scary. Ah to be 25 again… Nope I don’t miss it lol.

    You’ll have a breakthrough soon enough then the words will overflow. Don’t stress yourself. We’re all looking forward to DB Part I!

    • Lol… Another reason for my sisters to think we are the same person. Thanks for the commenting 🙂 I am so ready for that breakthrough. Bring it on :), I need that overflow.

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