Another random character talk….But for Book two!!!!

Wooo! Give it up y’all!!! Woo! Dangerous Beauty Part Two: A Mafia Princess is coming out in August!! Woo! I still don’t have a specific release date, but that’s not going to stop me from Partying! Wooo!!!!

Okay, well I know y’all may be like “Umm…Okay this girl done lost her mind”, but I promise y’all I haven’t. I’m just excited to do another random character talk!

Today we will be talking about characters not from DB1 but DB2! That’s right! It was requested by a reader and now I’m going to introduce them. They are the men that brought us our beloved Five (Nathan, Kyle, Mickey, Dante, and Lucca)…Everyone I would like to introduce you to THE ORIGINALS …..


Teaser!!! 1

Yes people! Carter calls them the originals and thus that is the name we shalleth be-ith… callithing… them as well today…yea I got kinda lost there……. but now I’m back on track!

Okay let’s start! There are four men and we met them all in the first book briefly, sitting all sexily behind Angelo’s desk questioning (my boo) Nathan. Well while they do not occupy every page of book two, they are present and you WILL remember them. They will have lines in both Book Two AND Book Three! So let’s get started!

BRUNO!- No not Bruno Mars silly, Bruno Luciano (#badjoke)! He is my dear Dante’s dad and my favorite hustler! That’s right y’all. He runs Las Vegas! The Salerno’s have a few “businesses” in Sin City and Bruno is the man that calls the shots (When the boss is not present). I adore Bruno for the most part (lol). The man has no filter, and I appreciate that. He says what he wants and laughs about it when he says it. Carter calls him, and I quote, “The class clown”…because he is! And I love if for it.


ALESSANDRO!- Mmmhmm….Alessandro…say it y’all. It just rolls off the tongue so smoothly…Alessandro. Yea, it’s safe to say that I love Alessandro. He is the father of the sexy, SEXY, Lucca Salerno. He only has some small parts, but I have a feeling he’s going to leave quite the impression ;). Alessandro runs business where the bad boys play (lol) Italy. Yep! He is the big Brother of the Boss himself and he calls the shots in Italy (When the Boss isn’t present of course). I love Alessandro because he’s sexy to me, plain and simple. If you read the first Random character post then you know how I love my Salerno’s.  Well Alessandro doesn’t disappoint on the bad boy Salerno Alpha sexiness.  I love his face y’all. He has stormy gray eyes and sexy ass temper. Nuff-said.


 To the sex symbol of the originals

CESARE!- Cesare Valente…Father of Kyle and Mickey Valente. He is the best friend and Consigliere of the Salerno Crime Family. Where ever Angelo is, Cesare is there as well. now let’s talk about his character. Kyle is a lot like his father, and I’m not talking about in the love life department, I mean in the personality department too. Cesare is a playboy, but he’s also funny, strong, dangerous, and loyal friend to the Boss. I love the guy. Now for his sexiness. Carter already lusted over the man for a few seconds in Book one, but in Book Two (LOL) she is NOT quiet about her attraction to Cesare Valente. He left her no choice y’all. She’s only a woman!

““Now if you’ll excuse me…” Carter locked eyes with Cesare Valente and she smiled her sexiest smile. “I need to have a talk with my sugar daddy.”

The men burst into laughter. Cesare put his hands up as if it would keep Carter from advancing toward him, and fell back in his seat shaking his head.

Carter licked her lips and smoothed her hands down her pants. She adjusted her shirt to show a little cleavage then slowly removed the hair tie containing her long hair, never taking her eyes from his. His sky blue eyes were bright with amusement, and that sly Cesare Valente smile was ever present on his drop dead gorgeous face.”

-Carterina Stone, Dangerous Beauty Part Two: A Mafia Princess

SEE! Lol! I told you. Carter’s crazy. But it’s all in good fun, trust me. She just likes messing with him ;).


The Boss

Angelo Salerno- Angelo Salerno is everywhere in Book Two! He has taken a nice step up to being a main character. We get to know him very well in the upcoming book. We see Angelo the man, Angelo the boss, and -in my opinion- most importantly we get to see Angelo the father. Some of my favorite parts in this upcoming Book are the Scenes with Nathan and his father. He is a good man, strong, smart, sexy, and flawed. Absolutely perfect. Nathan is a lot like him, they differ in many ways, but they are a lot alike still. I love Angelo because he’s passionate about everything he cares about, especially his son. It is evident that Nathan is the most important person in the world to Angelo and I love, love, love that. It warms my little ole heart.

“I love my son more than everything that exists in this world. ”

-Angelo Salerno, Dangerous Beauty Part Two: A Mafia Princess

Okay y’all that was my newest random character post. I hoped you loved reading what I had to say about these wonderful men, and I hope you enjoyed these little teasers. Go ahead and leave a comment and tell what you’re thinking Lol. I’m gonna go get back to work on book three now (so much happening there…dear lord) and I’ll talk to y’all soon.

Love ya doves!

14 thoughts on “Another random character talk….But for Book two!!!!

  1. Are these guys going to have their own story too? Will they find the love of the life or are they already ready married? I know Angelo is not married.

  2. I love it the originals sound hotter than the five I truly love these character talks I feel like I can get a picture in my head of what they really look like

    • Lol, of course they sound hotter! They are the Originals ;). It will take some time for our beloved Five to reach the sexy level of the men that gave them life. But they’re doing a good job so far lol.

  3. Will there be a part 3. Does the originals get their own love interests. And is Kyle harboring so kind of love for Carter

    • There will be a part three of this Series 🙂 Also, I’m not sure if the Originals will get their own stories yet, but we will see :). I think Kyle and Carter both have a genuine love for each other that could have been more, but just never really got there. And good thing it didn’t though because it would have made things not-so-great, when Nathan came along 🙂

  4. Hmm, I read and reread it, but my question to you is ” who is Jenna really” all we know is she is rich and do or die friends with Carter. Silly me I saw that there is going to be a book 3 I meant to say when later this year or next year and does the stuff hit the fan , when the murder of Nathan’s mother come to light. And the other secret Carter was holding on to.

    • Hey Victoria, yes there will be a book three, but the murder of Nathan’s mother comes to light in Book two. A lot is revealed to Nathan and Carter in Book two, but Carter’s held back secret is not. The secrets revealed in Book two will definitely give you all a good guess though :). As for Jenna I can reveal that she is not in Book two very often. There’s so much going on in that book, you’ll see 🙂 Our main girl is getting deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld.

      • Yes, I can see what’s coming, all i can say is buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. Oh ,we all know they did along with Kyle’s dad, but will happen when Nathan finds out .and learn the truth about his mother murder.

  6. Ahhh thank you so much for this post Michelle!! I love it! I can’t wait till DB2! I had to take a breather there from your teaser about Cesare…! And mmmm! Alessandro! Sounds like a sexy delicious piece of fun 😉

    I think I am going to love Angelo just as much as I love Nathan, I already liked him and the love he was bestowing upon Carter at the end of book two. Please if anyone is going to die, don’t kill him (or any of them!) off!

    • Hey! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to throw in something extra with the teasers for you since you are the one that requested this post lol. And yes Cesare and Alessandro soooo sexy 😉 They are two of my favs. I cannot wait until book two comes out so we can discuss their characters even more! It’s going to so fun :). Angelo is great too. I love him. He’s such a good father and he’s so wonderful to Carter. You’ll get to know him very well in this upcoming book. Talk to you soon!

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