Update Time!!!!


For those of you that are keeping an eye out for the release of Dangerous Beauty Part Two, I have and update for you…Okay I didn’t mean to rhyme there, but it’s kind of funny to me that it happened.
Here’s the news. I received Part of the book back with edits that I am going through and getting it ready for publish. I’m working hard, and it’s going well. For the next couple of Days I’m going to take a break from writing DB3 to work on getting Dangerous Beauty Two ready. I’m sure the editor is working as Diligently as I am to get the other half of the book edited. So let’s all hope she gets that to my publisher in record time, and then my publisher will send it too me. 🙂 *crossing fingers*
As soon as I get the edits, I will be making a Party Page for the book on which I will reveal the release date as well as post some teasers and contests for giveaways!

I’m still excited and I hope you guys are too. Thank you all so much for your patience and support for this series. I can’t wait to discuss the second book with everyone, after it comes out :). It has been really fun discussing the first book with everyone that has left comments on the website as well as the Discussion Forum on Amazon. I love all the comments and excitement for the second book, so keep’em coming, lol. I hope to update again soon!

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