Interview With A Dangerous Beauty

My first Blog interview!!!!

Musings of A Romance Junkie

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Y’all! I rarely fangirl for any author because I don’t roll that way lol, but this up and coming authoress has been on my radar for a minute. She holds a special place in my heart because not only do we share the same first and middle names (I’m still tripping over that), but also the same last initial. (If we had the same last name too, I would have fainted). But more importantly, this young lady is genuinely a nice person. She don’t trip, get caught up in industry drama, or speak a bad word about anybody, and stays in her lane! (And this is where we vastly differ lol. Although I am not a mean girl contrary to popular belief. I just speak my mind.) So without further ado, I present to you the young, the beautiful, and the talented Michelle Hardin! Who is she…

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