Hey! It’s been a long time!!! (Important info)

(Warning: What you are about to read was written by a crazy romance author that is clearly off her hinges (but super excited to be making a comeback). Proceed with caution. You have been warned …)



It’s me … Michelle.

I’m back!!!

 Long time? Yes, I know. I missed everyone bunches, but I had to slip out of the game for a while. Not going to go too deep into it, but dealing with hell in ones personal, and professional life at the same time is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. So I dipped. Bounced. Slipped off into a world of dreaming, reading, binge watching television shows, and writing whenever I desired to. It was lovely, and after last year’s familial hell, and depression stint; it was exactly what I needed. I was tired of scowling at my manuscripts and constantly flipping them off because I was disappointed in myself for not being able to deliver the book that DB fans wanted to read, and that I wanted to publish last year! Writing just really became … a not so great thing for me after  that.


I was gonna quit.

Which is weird for me because I’ve never quit anything before in my life … well except a few diets in the past, but if you would have seen some of those ridiculous meal plans, you probably would have quit too … But that’s not the point. The point is. I’m back.


And I have decided that I don’t care what all the mean people said to me after I changed Kyle’s release date once, then postponed it indefinitely, I’m committed to this “writing novels” thing, and I’m not going anywhere. I have taken the time to find my Chi, and I have decided that the drama of my writing career is totally worth it.

I’m stayin’!

That’s right readers, my name is Michelle Hardin. I’m an author. I’m flawed. And I ain’t goin’.

Threaten to write me off? Alright. But, I’m not goin’.

Tell me that it’s taking too long to get Kyle’s book out so you ain’t readin’ it? Okay! Miss out on one of the Dangerous Beauty novels then. I still ain’t goin’. I’ve already read it, so I’m not going to be lost when DB 5 comes out. That’s you.

Accuse me of being an uncommitted loser? WHATEVER! I’m not goin’.

Writing novels is the best thing I have EVER known. There is no way I will ever go. NO Way! no, no, no, No way, I’m living without my passion. I’m not living without it, people. *hits chest dramatically* I don’t wanna be free. I’m staying’. I’M STAYIN’!! And, dammit, you’re gonna love me.


*rushes back to pick up the mic*

I actually wasn’t done yet.  I got a little ahead of myself. A bit too excited.

Ooookay … Now that I have allowed myself the opportunity to be dramatic. I actually have some great news! Well, great news depending on who you are.

Monday June 13th, Kyle’s book will be available for pre-order.


Now, I know what some of you may be thinking. WTH?! She missed those release dates, disappeared, and made us wait all these years just to come back and give a pre-order announcement?!

And to that I answer … yes. I’m taking this one step at a time folks. I’m ready to get back out there, but I want to do it the way I feel most comfortable doing it.

Kyle will be available for pre-order on Monday (Why Monday? Welp, unlike the majority of Americans and sane people around the world, Monday happens to be my favorite day of the week), and that is the day his release date will also be announced (because you’ll see it when you go to pre-order the book 🙂 ).

I’m starting from the beginning here, I know, but don’t be upset about it; there’s more good news! There is a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER SALE. It will be going on for the entire pre-order period, readers can pre-order Kyle for half the price. ($2.99). It’s important that you capitalize on this because on release day the price is going up to ($4.99). So spread the word when the pre-order pops up. I’ll post the link on my Facebook and website.

So when the 13th hits reserve your copy of Dangerous Beauty Part Four while the sale last!!

Last thing: Books 1 and 2 will be FREE for a week starting on book four’s release day. So if you have any friends or family that like to read and are interested in this series, tell em’ that’s the week to try it out.

Last, last thing: (Because I forgot something exciting) Silas, you know Carter’s crazy bio dad that I’m sure a lot of you want dead? Yeah! That psychotic SOB won an award!!! MDK Villain award at IRAE !!! YASS!!!

I’ll try and post some pictures of the award later. But thank you to everyone who voted, I’m so humbled, and so appreciative. You all are the best!!!

Alright talk to you soon. Love you guys. Peace, and blessings!



Q: Can we have another teaser/Snippet?

A: Yes!

On Monday #Pre-OrderParty!!

*does really bad running man*  …. (The old school one, of course) I’m not that crazy.

12 thoughts on “Hey! It’s been a long time!!! (Important info)

  1. You are the SHIT!!! I am very proud of you . Also looking forward to the release of Kyle’s story. Will definitely pre order the book.

    I dont know exactly what was going on with you but God bless you. You do what you hàve to do to maintain your sanity and goodness. Keep writing, your books are worth the wait.

  2. Girl if I wasn’t home with my back thrown out I’d be doing the worm on my floor right now, actually no I wouldn’t cause I’m a plus size diva, but I’d be doing it in my head so it still counts……Lol. can’t wait to read Kyle’s book. Congrats on Silas too chica. 🎉🎉🎉

  3. Thank you, not a problem waiting. Do you Ms. Lady, do you!!! For future books, for those who can’t wait you should say (coming soon) and leave it at that….. No time frame , no idea who it’s about … Nothing, nada, zip and zero info. Go back to the begin, first book did it says when…. Just put it out when it’s ready, I’m fine with that, so should everyone who says they enjoy your books.

  4. I am definitely anxiously awaiting this release. I know that things come up and your TRUE fans and supporters will rock with you regardless. So I will be putting this on my google calendar so that I can go to Amazon and one-click on “Pre-order Day”.

  5. I knew it would happen, not in our time but when you were ready. I’m just thrilled; I filled my time with other novels but they didn’t remotely come close to my favorite DB Series (my extended family). Yasss! Missed you. Welcome Back.

  6. Welcome back you have been missed. Sorta been circling my wagon and checking on you periodically glad to see hear that you got your mojo back. Stop dropping that damn mic and thanks for the heads up.

  7. Hi Michelle glad u back….the readers that talk sugar honey ice tea are not true to the game.
    Being an author is not easy ,I love your writing
    And to be able to come up with Dangerous
    Series was brilliant.. People are always gonna talk no matter what happens. Be you and stay safe ,happy, fabulous and use the talent God gave you, Have much success with Blessings.
    Will preorder can’t wait

  8. Welcome back!! Sounds like you’re stronger and better than ever after some well deserved and needed time off. I’m so happy you decided to stick with writing as you truly are a great author. I’m excited to hear that Kyle’s book is coming soon and I’ll definitely be pre-ordering!

  9. Awesome! I’m so excited, can’t wait for Monday. Yippee. Welcome Back Girlie. Kyle’s book is coming back at the right time.

    Btw: So glad your staying👍👍😉😉

  10. Yeah!! Yeah!!!! Chea!!!! I knew you were coming back! I just waited impatiently just like everybody else, but never, ever doubted you. Finger poised to hit that “Pre-order button!” Thanks for coming back!

    Ms. Tessa

  11. Welcome Back Michelle

    Congrats on the award for Silas, and I never wanted Silas killed

    He kept it very interesting.

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