Pre-Order to be Cancelled: DB 4 to be Released EARLY!

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Hey guys!


I’m headed to Pre-Order jail again, lol.

Trial and Error folks. If you gon’ ride wit me, you gotta be prepared for the unexpected.

Newest discovery?

Me and Pre-Order …*shakes head* Not Friends! It won’t let me do what Β I want, and what I want is for this book to be released on the 18th, not the 22nd. I’m a go with the flow type, and the flow says on a Monday, and flow gets what he wants.

Spread the word to your besties that you know may have Pre-Ordered as well. Let them know that they will still get the book for a special (limited time) price of $2.99, they’ll just be reading it right after they one click, instead of waiting for it to be delivered on a different day!

Okay, back to work for me. Its crunch time folks, got a book release in a few days. Love you, and thank you for the love and support. You guys are the best.

18 thoughts on “Pre-Order to be Cancelled: DB 4 to be Released EARLY!

  1. YaaaaassssssπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ So that means that my pre-order will be honored on the 18th, or do I have to one-click one the 18th, to cancel pre order? Forgive me for being ‘slow’ this morning (home sick and on meds) brain not at full functionπŸ™ˆπŸ˜·

    • You’re not slow at all. The pre-order will be canceled automatically today. I’ll be canceling them. On the 18th. I will post the link to the book and you can purchase it and read it right away! πŸ™‚ And get well soon!!

  2. Hello Michelle, I just wanted to know if I will still be reforms the book since I pre ordered or will I get a return of the money and buy it all over again. By the way love your series.

    • Pre-Orders are basically just an alert to amazon that you want the book automatically delivered. They don’t take the money, until you get the book. So when I cancel today, it will just mean that you will have to go one-click on the new release day πŸ™‚ . Only then will any money be taken for the purchase. And you get to read right away! ❀

  3. So I’m stalking Amazon to get my book I woke up at 1am but the book is not available yet, not worried just truly hyped up!!!😜😜😜😜😜

  4. Hi Michelle.. Amazon is playing with my emotions today.. It’s my Birthday and I want my book darn it!!!! Lol.. Don’t worry my annoyance is directed at Amazon not you.. Have a good day 😊

  5. Ms. Hardin
    I decided to read Kyles story and it did not seem like you were in the correct space for this story. There was a lot of incomplete things that you could have touched on that was never really brought to readers attention not to mention the time line of Kyle and his relationship with the woman he chose just to name a few..You have always been a detail oriented writer and I think details is what this book needed it was like an appetizer not the full meal. I am guessing Lucca story is next I think maybe you should go on vacation clear your head don’t give out any release dates and really bring back the author who wrote Nathan and Carter story because I literally had questions if the same person wrote Kyles story. Really try to find the person who came up with the dangerous beauty story and the Loving Kyla because she gave not only the stories but the way it was told made it an complete story.

    • Hi! Thank you for writing πŸ™‚
      If you don’t mind me asking. What was the inconsistency in the timeline of Reanna and Kyle’s relationship that you found? Also, what was it that you felt was left unexplained? And what do you feel was missing that made this story appear unfinished to you? Perhaps I, as the author of the work, can assist you in understanding the direction I was going with the story. While writing it, I knew that not everyone would understand it, nor would they be able to connect, but if you would like, I could help you understand πŸ™‚ . I love talking about my stories with readers, so any questions that you may have, about any things you felt were left unresolved, I would be happy to explain to you why that is. I appreciate your concern, but I assure you, I am still the exact same tortured artist that brought you Loving Kyla, and dangerous Beauty 1,2,& 3. I was in a different head space for each, and the head space I was in for Beautifully Broken was appropriate for the emotion that I wanted to leave on the pages. DB4 is one that has to be read with the heart, that’s the only way you’ll be able to connect with Kyle and Reanna. My heart is in this story, my tears, my ‘head’. I would never have released it if it weren’t. And I knew that everyone wouldn’t be able to connect with me, nor understand why I chose to write the story the way I have. (Because it’s different from Nathan and Carter’s journey. Less action, less twist and turns and less shocking, dramatic secrets) Beautifully Broken is the story of the EMOTIONAL journey of the characters (Kyle and Reanna), of emotional growth, and of Kyle finally being able to come into his own as the family’s consigliere. So yes, the same person wrote this story. My style of writing is no different, nor is my style of story telling. The story is just different. And the things that were left untouched in this book that I feel are important, are things that will be addressed again as I move forward with the series.

  6. Okay for one I never thought Reanna put up a fight to have Kyle prove himself like she went through pain of him being with another for 2 years and all that just change it was two easy for him and made her seem not to have a back bone which didn’t match her life story… Second how do we miss a confrontation with Amiyah (don’t know if I am spelling that right) and Reanna I think that was a big part that all the readers would have loved to see I also wanted to see Kyle really let Braden know how serious he was about his woman…. And lastly maybe it’s just me but I would have like to seen the final showdown with Kyle and his mother but we didn’t get to see it yes I agree this was an emotional book but it seems there was more thought put into the past where in the present of the story that was an afterthought I really would have like to read the building up of the relationship it was one day and the next they are getting married I needed more of a story I needed Kyle to earn Reanna and I don’t think he really ever did because she didn’t make him put in the work for her love

    • Oh no! 😦
      Truth! Why?!!
      Your perception of the heroine’s character saddens me. I feel like you missed so much of the person I portrayed her to be. Reanna’s character is very complex. Her strength and ‘back bone’ is measured by her ability to overcome the adversity she has faced throughout her life and persevere in spite of it. It can’t be measured by her resistance (or lack there of) to Kyle’s romantic advances. He didn’t need to work for her love if, he already had it. And there was no ‘easy’ for either of them. Kyle was hurting himself just as much as he was hurting Reanna with his feelings of inadequacy. Which is what it was. He felt she deserved better than him. Perhaps if his character didn’t have such deep-seated issues with loving himself, such a direction would have been appropriate. But it took so much for Kyle to push past his fear (and frankly, insanely low self-esteem) and put his all into SHOWING Reanna how much he loved her. Which he did, even though he didn’t believe he was capable of being ‘That guy’) (A man deserving of such love.)

      As for Reanna. She already knew she wanted him, not only him, but Sofia. The connection she felt with the two of them was far too strong for me to give her and Kyle, the drawn out chase that a lot of romance stories have. That was not their story. Was Kyle and idiot for keeping her at a distance for so long? H-word yes, he was! He was dumb, especially because it didn’t work. But Reanna never believed that he was dating Aniyah to hurt her. She and Kyle were friends, best friends, and as she often tried to convince herself JUST friends. So him dating someone else didn’t hurt until her feelings for him intensified. Then she had to distance herself. But when they came together their was nothing that she needed him to prove. She knew him, and admired the man that he was. A good father, son, brother. In her opinion a good man. I understand your perception on Kyle needing to prove something to her, but I didn’t feel it necessary. He wouldn’t lie to her about his heart, especially after it took him so long to find the courage to open it up to her. Reanna knew that. And if you remember from the story Kyle appreciated that trust, because it had never been given to him before. He said he was in love with her. They’d been loving each other from a far for so long, that when they finally came together they both realized that they were ready for more than just ‘dating’, they wanted to be a family. Kyle, Reanna, and Sofia together. Reanna wasn’t interested in resisting, running, nor doubting Kyle’s feelings when he confessed his love. They came together for the first time in a scene where she saw him at his most vulnerable. It didn’t feel right for her character to turn away from him after such a scene that only strengthened an already nearly solid bond.

      Aniyah is not gone from this series. She and Reanna’s face off was not in the cards. What was done in the book, was what was meant for them. Though, they will cross paths, and have words again in the very near future. That scene in all its dismissive glory was meant to further fuel the angry fire that will be Ms. Aniyah Clark (meant for the purposes of evolving her character into the person I want her to be). Because her character has become one that I wish to keep in this series. There is more hostility between her character and Carter’s than there is with her and Reanna.

      Braden. I think he got the picture. Lol. As will anyone else who ever steps to Kyle, or his family, wrong as we move forward in this series. The only person that I felt needed to truly understand just how serious Kyle was about his woman was his woman. She asked him not to kill Braden, which was funny considering who he is. And during their ‘first fight’ chapter, his character made it clear to her that he would never adhere to such a request.

      Abrielle. This could possibly not just be you. And, of course, I understand. I wanted that too. The problem though was that when I put Kyle in a scene with his mother (which I did) he had nothing to say to the woman. No feelings for her in the slightest. But when I put him in a room with Anastasia and Cesare there was a lot of unresolved issues there. So much that he’d never gotten to say, and he was angry. And hurt. He felt betrayed. It was the type of pain that I could feel in my own belly, that was how strong it was. Kyle felt nothing for his mother, and when he told his father to keep her away from him as a child, he meant it. So, in other words, I couldn’t force it. The confrontation just wasn’t there. Any question he could have asked her, he already knew the answer to, or he just didn’t want to hear her answer. I didn’t want to subject his character to her excuses, apologies etc. No more pain like that for him. It would have hurt as bad as the marks she left on his body.

      The building of the relationship that I’m thinking you were looking for is probably my time lapses. Right? I did them with Carter and Nate (where in book one, I pushed forward four months and showed more of their relationship after the initial getting together.) And I would have loved to have done that with Kyle and Reanna, but there story was too different from C&N. I gave them more building in the beginning then I ever gave Carter and Nate (who got together rather quickly). I took the reader through them pushing each other away, to Kyle pulling her back in, and them giving themselves to the other in a way that they never had to anyone else before in a place far away from their ‘real world’. Then I put them back into the world and tested their resolve. A weekend of bliss, then one day of pure hell. That was always Kyle’s and Reanna’s story.

      I have no explanation to why.

      Its a story of understanding. A story about courage, trust, strength. Healing. Reanna is a fighter in a different sense than Carter is. She’s different from any other woman I’ve ever written in this series. She’s charming, sweet, very funny, and the other characters in the story really took to her. She is not weak, though πŸ™‚ . I’m gonna have to stand up for my girl. lol. She’s just not Carter. But that is your perception of her, and that’s okay. I knew that some would say that.
      Kyle had a whole a lot of issues that needed to be addressed, and that was for the purposes of developing his character into the man that he needs to be for this series as it moves forward. Telling the story of his rise as the consigliere was just as important as telling the story of how he came to finally embrace the love he felt for the woman he chose to marry.
      But I hope this helps you understand the story a little better. If you’re moving forward with me to the next, then you will need to. I wish you would have enjoyed it more, but I understand that everything is not for everyone. And, again, I knew going in that not everyone was going to be able to have that connection with me, and settle in for the emotional journey of Dangerous Beauty: Beautifully Broken.
      And that’s okay! πŸ™‚

      But if you have anymore questions or concerns about the story, I’ll always respond! πŸ™‚

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